Safety at Work in English

Safety at Work in English

If you are going to work in a English speaking country, you should study some of the safety at work vocabulary and expressions.

You have to be familiar with:

  • Accidents and Injuries Vocabulary
  • Hazardous Material Vocabulary
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Safety Signs
  • How to Give Warning using Different Modals

Safety at Work: Accidents and Injuries

This is the most common accidents and Injuries vocabulary

Cuts Poisoning
SprainBroken Bones
Broken bonesBackaches
Swelling Sun Burns

Safety at Work: Effects of Hazardous Materials

These are some examples of hazardous materials in English

Cough Sore eyes

Safety at Work: Personal Protective Equipment

These are the most common personal protective equipment in English

Safety GlassesSafety Shoes
Dust MaskEar plugs
GlovesFace shield
Ear muffsRespirator

Safety at Work: Safety Signs

These are meaning of the safety signs

  1. Red warning signs warn you about thing you can’t do
  2. Blue warning signs warn you about things you need to do to stay safe
  3. Yellow warning signs warn you about danger
  4. Green warning signs help you get out of danger

Safety at Work: How to Give Warnings

These are several ways to give warnings in English. We can use the imperatives and different modals to do so:


The most direct way to give a warning in English is using imperatives

  1. Don’t block the fire exit
  2. Don’t smoke
  3. Don’t run around here, it is too dangerous.
  4. Don’t touch that button


The modal must can be used to give warning in English

  1. Yo must wear a helmet all the time
  2. You must stay outside
  3. You must wear safety glasses in this zone


The modal can’t is also used to give warnings in English

  1. You can’t enter here
  2. You can’t run here
  3. You can’t use your cellphone in this area

Allowed to

  1. You aren’t allowed to enter here
  2. You aren’t allowed to run here
  3. You aren’t allowed to be in this room alone

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