Teaching Ideas: How to Describe Physical Appearance

Describe Physical Appearance

Vocabulary to Describe Physical Appearance


Phrases to Describe Physical Appearance

  1. She is beautiful
  2. He is a very good-looking guy
  3. He has a moustache
  4. He has a beard
  5. She is tall
  6. They are athletic
  7. You have green eyes
  8. He is really handsome
  9. We have black eyes
  10. That girl is in shape


Verb to be

  1. is she beautiful?
  2. Is  he handsome?
  3. Is he athletic?
  4. Are they slim?
  5. Are they fat?
  6. Are you short?

Verb to have

  1. Do you have green eyes?
  2. Does she have blue eyes?
  3. Does he have short hair?
  4. Do they have green eyes?
  5. Do we have black hair?
  6. Do you have short hair?

Lesson Plan – Describe Physical Appearance


  1. Provide a sheet with the vocabulary if that’s possible so you spend more time teaching and your students learning .
  2. Now that they have the vocabulary, take your time and teach them how to pronounce some of these words.
  3.  Show images and start describing the physical appearance of the people in the slides, pictures or flashcards.
  4. You can also get a good-quality video that describes people’s appearance


Speaking or Writing

Activities that most teachers do are the following:

  1. Students describe themselves.
  2. Students describe their classmates.
  3. Students describe people in pictures, flashcards or slides.


To test the listening skills of your students, you can consider some of these listening tasks:

  1. A2: Listening – Describing People
  2. B1: Listening – Describing People

You can download this worksheet and make copies for your students so they can complete task that ensure the successful repetition of the new vocabulary

You can also have a look at this text since they have units about the topic:

  1. Interchange #1 – Unit 9- What Does She Look Like?


If you want students to produce, create a Powerpoint Presentation and add pictures of celebrities such as famous musicians, singers and other artists. Try to include celebrities that they like so they enjoy the task even more. Take the following considerations:

  1. Include good-quality pictures.
  2. Include one picture per slide
  3. make sure the celebrities have different traits.

Ask the students to describe the people in the slides, make sure they give at least three characteristics so they use most of the vocabulary you taught.


  1. Spend some time dealing with pronunciation so students don’t make too many mistakes during practice time.
  2. Make sure students don’t start using the new vocabulary to call their classmates. Sometimes students use words like fat and obese  to offend a classmate.