Teaching Ideas: How to Give Personal Information

How to Give Personal Informartion

How to Give Personal Information

Personal Information Questions and Answers

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Personal Information -Model Dialogue

Here’s a short dialogue giving an example of personal questions.

Linda: What’s your name?
John:  I am John Smith

Linda: What’s your address?
John: I live at 123 6th St. Melbourne, FL

Linda: What’s your telephone number?
John:  It is 8689-5674

Linda: What’s your email address?
John: John@gmail.com

Linda: When were you born?
John: I was born on September 1st , 1985

Linda: Are you married?
John: Yes, I am.

Linda: What’s your profession?
John: I’m a bus driver

Alex: Thank you.
Peter: You’re welcome.

How to Give Personal Information – Lesson Plan


First, you have introduce the personal information questions and answers vocabulary, You can do by providing a sheet with the information. Take these two considerations before moving to the practice stage:

  1. Learn how much they know about the topic, a brainstorming can help you with that.
  2. Spend some time dealing with the pronunciation.


Integration of four skills

With Technology
  1. if you have in your classroom an internet connection, create a survey in google forms and send it to the students via whatsapp or email and tell them to  go and interview a classmates, they have to register all the answers using the Google Form link you sent them
Without Technology
  1. Copy and paste the  list of personal information questions and answers and cut them out and distribute them among your students and tell them that they have to move around the classroom and find the questions if they have the answer or find the answer if they have the question.
  2. Another fun activity that makes students move around is creating a survey, give a sheet to students so they can interview their classmates.

For both activities you have to take into account how much students know about the topic so you can know that they can perform the task successfuly. If you like to have an innovative class. you have to visit  my post 26 Educational Technology Resources for the English Classroom

Readind and Writing

You can download and print this worksheet if you consider it useful. some of the activities included in the worksheet are the following:

  • Matching Exercises
  • Charts to collect information from classmates
  • Reading comprehension exercises


If you want your students to do some listening, consider downloading one of these videos, create some questions and implement the activiyty taking into account the framework to teach a listening lesson:

  1. Ashley’s Personal information questions
  2. Natalia’s Personal Information Questions
  3. Louise’s Personal Information Questions
  4. Thomas’ Personal Information Questions


Students can create an introductory paragraph  or a conversation in pairs to show their knowledge of personal identification phrases. Take these considerations to make the dialogues fun:

  1. tell students to be somebody else during the role-play such as a celebrity and that they try to include as much factual information as they can.