How to Give Personal Information

How to Give Personal Information

How to Give Personal Information

Learning how to give personal information is crucial when you want to learn a new language and communicate with others.

There are many phrases including questions and answer to give personal information in English

Personal Information Questions and Answers

These are some of the most personal information questions and answer.

What’s your name?I am José
What’s your  last name?My last name is Johnson
Do you have a nickname?People call me Jay
What do you do?I am DJ
Where do you work?I work in Walmart
Do you like your job?I love my job
Are you married /simgle?I am single
Do  you have a boyfriend / girlfriend?I have a girlfriend
Do you have any children?I have three children
How many brothers and sisters do you have?I have two sisters
How old are you?I am 29 years od
When is your birthday?It is on September 25th
When were you born?I was born in 1998
Where are you from? I am from russia
Where do you live?I live in Boston
What’s your phone number?My number is 6875-5678
What’s your email address?[email protected]
What type of movies do you like?I love drama movies
What type of music do you like?I love House music
What sport do you like?I love watching MMA
Do you have pets?I have a dog and two cats
What’s your favorite food?I love fast food

Personal Information – Model Dialogue

Here’s a short dialogue giving an example of personal questions.

Linda: What’s your name?
John:  I am John Smith

Linda: What’s your address?
John: I live at 123 6th St. Melbourne, FL

Linda: What’s your telephone number?
John:  It is 8689-5674

Linda: What’s your email address?
John: [email protected]

Linda: When were you born?
John: I was born on September 1st , 1985

Linda: Are you married?
John: Yes, I am.

Linda: What’s your profession?
John: I’m a bus driver

Alex: Thank you.
Peter: You’re welcome.

How to Give Personal Information

How to Give Personal Information – Lesson Plan

Schema Activation

Task #1
  1. Students are given a personal information question or answer.
  2. They have to stand up and  match questions and answer
Task #2
  1. Half of the students are given personal information and the other half are given answers to personal information questions.
  2. Students stand up  and ask questions to their partners and they stop until they have found the person who has the answer to their questions.

Pre – Task Activities 

Task #1A
  1. Learners are given scrambled questions / worldle
  2. Students have to arrange the words to form questions
  3. They answer the questions using family and friends information
  4. Students pair up and  then ask and answer  the questions orally
Task #1B
  1. Students install the kahoot application.
  2. They follow the instructions given by the teacher to play the game.
  3.  Student play the game, the game is made up of personal questions and answers
Task #2
  1. Students check the personal information of a famous person using the site BiographyOnline.Net
  2. They extract key information from it.
  3. They prepare and talk to their partners about the celebrity the chose.
Task #3A
  1. Students are given a list of 10 statements.
  2. They have to read the statements and determine if the statement is true or false.
Task #3B

If you want your students to do some listening, consider downloading one of these videos, create some questions and implement the activiyty taking into account the framework to teach a listening lesson:

  1. Ashley’s Personal information questions
  2. Natalia’s Personal Information Questions
  3. Louise’s Personal Information Questions
  4. Thomas’ Personal Information Questions
Task #4
  1. Student match yes or no question with follow-up questions
  2. Students make questions and that they make follow-up questions to their partners.
    • Do you live in liberia? What neighborhood do you live in?
    • Do you like listening to music? What music do you like to listen?
    • Do you like using social networks? which ones do you use the most?
    • Do you have any children? what are their names?

Main Task

Task #1 A
  1. Students are sent a Dialogue. 
  2. They use the dialogue to create one
Task 1B
  1. Students make a collage of at least 8 pictures about personal details about their lives that they want to share with their classmates.
  2. Now with the collage ready, they prepare sentences that they want to make using that collage.
  3. They use the collage to talk to others


Task 1A
  1. Students are given a set of 10 sentences
  2. They have to check the sentences, spot the mistake and correct them
Task 1B
  1. Students are given a list of sentences with some grammatical and spelling problems, students have to read them and find the problems with them.
Prepositions in, at and on

Personal Information Online Exercises

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