Greetings and Introductions

Greetings and Introductions

Greetings and introductions are the first words we say when  we meet people so it is important to know what to say and how.

Greetings and Introductions Vocabulary

There are different ways to greet people in English. These are some of the most common phrases to greet people.


Good Morning 
Morning Josh
Morning , Guys
Good Afternoon
Good Night
Good Evening
How are you ?
How are you doing?
How is it going?
Hey Matthew
Hey, What’s up 
Hey, Buddy
Hey, Guys 
Hey, What’s going on?
What’s new?

Useful expressions to respond to Greetings

These are some of the common ways to respond to some of the greetings above

Good to see you
Good to see you too
I am fine
I am doing great
Very well thanks
Not bad
Pretty good
Not Good
Not much 

Useful expressions for introductions

  • What’s your name? My name is [Your name here]
  • This is [name of a friend]
  • I am [ [name of a friend]
  • I am happy to meet you
  • Nice to see you again
  • Excuse me
  • Thanks/Thank you
  • Please
  • Nice/good to meet you
  • Nice meeting you too
  • I am from [place, school ]


  1. Bye
  2. Good-Bye
  3. See you
  4. See You later
  5. See you tomorrow
  6. See you in a few (In a few means in a few minutes or hours)
  7. See you around
  8. Later
  9. Take care

Greetings and Introduction Dialogues

Dialogue #1

Mike: Good Morning
Linda: How are you mike?
Mike:  I am fine Linda
Linda: We are in the same class
Mike:  That’s right, Can I have your telephone number?
Linda: Sure, It is 86021456

Dialogue #2

Mike:  Hello, My name is Mike
Linda: How are you Mike? I am Linda
Mike:  I am fine, how about you?
Linda: I am fine too but I am a little lost.
Mike:  What’s your first class?
Linda: I have spanish classes
Mike:  Nice, We are classmates
Linda: That’s great

Greetings and Introduction Exercises and Worksheets

These are some greetings and introduction exercises that might help you

  1. Greetings and Introductions Exercises 101
  2. Greetings and Introductions Worksheet 101
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