How to Introduce Yourself in English


Today we are going to learn how to introduce yourself in English.

To introduce yourself in English, you have to know greetings, introductions and leave-takings.

When you introduce yourself, you also provide information about who you are and additional information that you consider relevant.

Do you find introducing yourself in English difficult? Hopefully this guide helps you

How to Introduce Yourself in Four Steps

Introductions can occur between more than two people, for example at a party or at a business meeting

These are some steps to help you introduce yourself in English:

Greet the personHi
Say your nameMy name is James
Give more informationI am your new teacher
Ask questionsWhat’s your name?

Introduce Yourself in English Vocabulary and Expressions

These are some of the most common greetings in English. The list includes formal and informal greetings.

Good MorningMorning Guys
MorningGood Afternoon
Good NightGood Evening
How are you?How are you doing?
Howdy?How is it going?
Hey, LindaHey, What’s up
Hey, BuddyHey, Guys
Hey, What’s going on?What’s the new?

Those are useful expressions to respond to Greetings

NothingNot bad
Good to see youPretty good
It is good to see youNot Good
GreatNot much

Those are Useful expressions for introductions

What’s your name?My name is
My nickname isPeople call me
This isI am
I am happy to meet youNice to see you again
Excuse meThanks/Thank you
PleaseNice/good to meet you
Nice meeting you tooI am from
I live inMy Number is
I work inI study in
My Email Address is

Those are examples of leave-takings

See youSee You later
See you tomorrowSee you in a few
See you aroundLater
Take care

Introducing Yourself: Questions and Answers

These are some questions and answers about introductions in English

AHow are you?
BI am fine
AHow are you doing?
BI am doing great
AMy name is Alex
BI am Alicia, Nice to meet you
AHey what’s going on?
BNot much

Introducing Yourself in Class

This is an example about how to introduce yourself in class

Hello, I am José Manuel and I am from Costa Rica, I live in a small city called Nicoya. I am an English professor. I work in a public university. I am also a blogger. I am married and I have two children.

Hi, My name is Linda, I am from United States, I am 32 years old and I live in New York. I have three children. I am a fashion designer.

Hello. I am Derek and I’m from Portugal. I can speak English, Portugueses and Spanish. I am 23 years old and I am software Engineer.

Introducing Yourself Dialogue

This is a dialogue that show how to introduce yourself in English

LindaHello, My name is Linda
MikeNice to meet you, I am Mike
LindaWhere are you from?
MikeI am from Norway
LindaWow, beautiful country, I am from Brazil
MikeAre you new here?
LindaYes, I am taking my very first French class
MikeI am also taking that class, I think we are classmates
LindaThat’s awesome, I need friends
MikeMe too.

Introduce Yourself in English Lesson Plan

This is a short lesson about how to introduce yourself in English using the Task Based Approach.

Schema Activation

The Schema activation aims to activate the background knowledge of the students

The Hot Balloon: Teacher plays some good beats as the student pass a balloon to their classmates, when the music stops, the student pinches the balloon and answers the question inside.

Pre-Task Stage

The pre-task stage has three or more activities to help the learner be ready for the main task.

Activity #1

  1. Teacher tell students to make groups of 4.
  2. They are given a worksheet, the worksheet has a list of :
    1. Greetings
    2. Response to Greetings
    3. Introductions
    4. Leave-takings
  3. They have to read the expressions and classify them by writing the right category next to them.

Activity #2

  1. Student are sent questions and answers in a picture and they pratice with a partner.
  2. Students are sent a google form and they have to ask a series of questions to their classmates such as
    1. What ‘s your full name?
    2. Where do you live?
    3. How old are you?
    4. What do you do?
    5. What’s your phone number?
    6. What’s your email address?
    7. What’s your major?
    8. What’s your favorite type of music?
    9. What’s your favorite type of movies?
    10. What’s your favorite hobby?

Activity #3

  1. Students make pairs
  2. Students are given a scrambled conversation.
  3. They have to read it and put in order
  4. Student practice the conversation using their own information

Main Task Stage

This is the most important part of the lesson in which the learners have to produce.

Student choose a celebrity and they have to learn key details about that person such as:

NameLast Name
Marital StatusChildren

Remember to provide enough time for student to prepare the task, once learner think they are ready, tell them to double check the vocabulary, the grammar and pronunciation and finally practice with their partner.

Once people are ready, you tell your students to stand up and share the information with three or four classmates.

Post-Task Stage

Students answer a short quiz to reinforce what they learned. The quiz could be related to grammar, vocabulary or pronunciation

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