Manuel Campos


Manuel Campos - Profesor de Inglés

José Manuel Campos N

My name is José Manuel and I am the English Professor behind

I got my degree and my master’s degree from the Universidad Latina de Costa Rica

I am from Costa Rica and I live in a small city called Nicoya in Guanacaste. I live like 25 kilometers from the Beach.

Universidad Latina de Costa Rica

I started in 2011 when I started teaching English classes in the Ulatina

I wrote many of the things that I wrote as I prepared for classes. Teaching University students was a huge learning experience in my professional career.

Universidad Latina de Costa Rica
Centro Educativo Saul Cardenas Cubillo

Centro Educativo Saul Cardenas Cubillo

I also worked for a private school in 2013, It was my first experience teaching primary and secondary students. I didn’t know as well as I know now so I am sure that there was room for improvement in the things I did.

Ministerio de Educación Publica

I started working in 2014 for the Ministry of the Public Education, You can make good money working for MEP despite the system being broken.

Ministerio de Educación Publica
Centro de Idiomas -UNED

Universidad Estatal a Distancia

I had the opportunity to teach two courses in the UNED.

I couldn’t continue teaching there because of a schedule conflict.

Universidad Técnica Nacional

I love teaching in the Universidad Técnica Nacional.

I have learned lots of things that have contributed to my professional growth.

Universidad Latina de Costa Rica