Task-Based Lesson: How to Talk about Daily Routines

Daily Routines

How to Talk about Daily Routines

Daily Routines – Vocabulary

How to Talk about Daily Routines – Lesson Plan

Schema Activation (10 Mins)

  1. Students are sent a word search, they have to find 20 words and  check with a partnerif they know the past tense of those verbs

Pre-Task (80 Mins)

Task #1

  1.  Students are given pieces of paper with questions and answers
  2. Students  have to move around the classroom and find the question related the answer and viceversa


  1. Every students is given a piece of paper, they have to write down what activities they did yesterday
  2. They make pairs with a student  and they have to make yes or no question to know what they included

Task #3

  1. Students make groups of 4, they have to make question and record them
  2. Student send those question to other group and they have to reply back viawhatsapp

Main Task (40Mins)

  1. students are sent a wordle via whatsapp with key  phrases.
  2. They make group of 4
  3. They have to make  yes or no question  to their classmates and they have to answer them correctly


  1. Teacher review some of the most common mistakes during today’s class
  2. Teacher talks about the upcoming evaluation.

Worksheets from ISL Collective

  1. Daily Routine
  2. Charlie´s Daily Routine
  3. Sophie’s daily routines
  4. Daily Routines Searchword
  5. What time do you ….?