Simple Present Negative: Structure and Examples

In this lesson, you will find all you need to make negative sentences with the simple present.

You need to know the following words well, since they will be part of every negative sentence we make with the simple present.

Do notDon’t
Does notDoesn’t

Remember that we use “don’t” and “doesn’t” with different personal pronouns and subjects in English.

The chart details what words to use with the different personal pronouns.

PronounNegative Word

Now that you know that, let’s have a look at the structure of negative sentences made with the simple present and examples of them.

Negative Sentences: Structures

This is the structure to make a negative sentence with the verb to be using “don’t”

Complementa car

This is the structure to make a negative sentence with the verb to be using “doesn’t”

Complementa car

Now it is the time for you to check all these examples of negative sentences with the verb to be

Simple Present Negative Examples: Don’t

These are some examples of simple present negative sentences using don’t

  • I don’t have any money
  • I don’t have an active Facebook account
  • I don’t know what Clean Bandit is
  • I don’t play video games at night
  • I don’t take summer vacations
  • You don’t study hard
  • You don’t work here
  • You don’t represent the workers
  • You don’t travel enough
  • You don’t type the right password
  • They don’t fight as professionals do
  • They don’t spend time on the beach
  • They don’t know how to swim
  • They don’t work on the right projects
  • They don’t write clean CSS code
  • We don’t go to church
  • We don’t watch horror movies
  • We don’t like hunting
  • We don’t hate hunters
  • We don’t mess with these people

Simple Present Negative Examples: Doesn’t

These are some examples of simple present negative sentences using doesn’t

  • She doesn’t work here
  • She doesn’t explain things well
  • She doesn’t like driving in the city
  • She doesn’t enjoy watching horror clubs
  • She doesn’t watch Anime shows
  • He doesn’t listen to Trap music
  • He doesn’t review products
  • He doesn’t order stuff from Amazon
  • He doesn’t want to live here anymore
  • He doesn’t train on the weekends
  • It doesn’t bother me at all
  • It doesn’t catch mice
  • It doesn’t bark at night
  • It doesn’t work anymore
  • It doesn’t respect the privacy

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I hope that you have found all the simple present negative sentences you needed

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