Sentences with was and Were

Sentences with was and Were

Remember that was and were are the past form of the verb to be

  • I am = I was
  • She is = She was
  • He is = He was
  • It is = It was
  • They are = They were
  • We are = We were

So We can make sentences such as:

  • I was happy
  • She was very smart
  • He was fit
  • They were very good people
  • We were very fast runners

The negative form of these are:

  • was = wasn’t
  • were = Weren’t

we can make sentences like these:

  • I wasn’t skinny
  • She wasn’t that shy
  • He wasn’t outgoing

You can make sentences about the past and the present

  • I was very strong when I was 17 but now I am weak
  • I was very shy in kindergarten but now I make friends easily
  • I was a very angry kid but now I get along with everybody
  • I was in shape when I was 18 but now I go to the gym
  • She wasn’t very smart in language but now she is an expert
  • She wasn’t talented but now she can sing very well
  • She was lazy but she is a very talented developer
  • He was a jerk but he seems like a nice guy
  • He was attractive but now he is an addict
  • He was a happy guy but now he is an grumpy old man
  • He was jealous but now he isn’t