100 Passive Voice Questions


Passive voice produces a sentence in which the subject receives an action.

For example, in “The ball was thrown by the pitcher,” the ball (the subject) receives the action of the verb.

If you are checking these and you don’t understand the active voice in English, you might find some problems understanding these types of questions

Learning how to make passive voice questions with all tenses can take some time. These are passive voice questions using different English tenses

Passive Voice Questions: Simple Present

These are some passive voice questions with the simple present

  1. What is imported by your country?
  2. What is exported by your country?
  3. Are US dollars accepted at Dubai airport?
  4. Is coffee served here?
  5. What is this pie made of?
  6. When are these items usually brought here?
  7. What are these shoes made of?

Passive Voice Questions: Simple Past

These are some passive voice questions with the simple past

  1. Were you recognized by her?
  2. Was the book taken?
  3. Were the students taught English?
  4. When was the church built?
  5. Were all the candy bars sold by the little boy?
  6. When were the children taken on a trip?
  7. Was the book published before 1900?

Passive Voice Questions with the Modal Can

These are some passive voice questions with the simple past

  1. Can it be cured?
  2. Can this work be done?
  3. Can the car be fixed?
  4. Can these trees be cut down?
  5. Can these problems be solved?
  6. Can the site be restored?
  7. Can that WordPress website be cleaned from Malware?
  8. Can the apartment be remodeled in less than 24 hours?

Passive Voice Questions: Present Perfect

These are some passive voice questions with the present perfect

  1. Has the work been finished?
  2. Have they been invited?
  3. Has the house been built?
  4. Has the house been cleaned?
  5. Has the room been painted?
  6. Have the letters been delivered?
  7. Have the cars been washed?

Passive Voice Questions: Simple Future

These are examples of passive voice questions using the simple future.

  1. Will our listening comprehension skills be tested?
  2. Will my apology be accepted?
  3. Will workers be replaced by computers?
  4. Will the cars be fixed?
  5. Will the animals be kept in cages?
  6. Will the costs be reduced?
  7. Will the water be drinkable after the process?

Passive Voice Questions: Present Continuous

These are some examples of passive questions with the present continuous

  1. Are we being watched?
  2. Are they being reported?
  3. Are they being taken to prison?
  4. Are the boats being cleaned?
  5. Are the cars being fixed?
  6. Are the air conditioning being installed?
  7. Are these children being taught how to speak Japanese?
  8. Is she being promoted in her job?

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