100 Sentences with Like

When you make sentences with like, these can mean more than the fact that you enjoy or don’t enjoy something.

You can use “like” as a verb, preposition, conjunction, filler etc

PrepositionThat looks like my car
ConjunctionLike any good book will help you
FillerShe was like … crazy about him
VerbI like sitting in the park

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Like: Uses and Examples

These are some of the several uses of the verb like:

Like means to enjoy something

  • I like your new hairstyle
  • I like the film you are watching
  • I like cooking for my whole family

Like can also work as preposition to mean that something is similar

  • My brother is like my father
  • That looks like my car
  • He seems like a very nice guy
  • This cook tastes like Pepsi

Like also can be used as a conjunction

  • Like any good book will help you
  • Like any police officer would help you

Like also works as a suffix

  • That child-like mentality of your is not helping
  • It is a cabbage-like vegetable

Like is also used as a Filler

  • I was like … surprised by his actions
  • This is like … the worst day of my life
  • She was like … crazy about him
  • She was like… mad she was here

We can use like to bring attention to what we are going to say next

  • There were like 5000 thousand people in my first concert
  • There will be like 1000 new cases per day

We use like to ask for an example

  • She did some horrible things to me?
  • Like what?
  • He took a few things from the store
  • Like what?

We use like to ask about someone’s physical appearance and personality

  • What’s she like?
  • She is really friendly
  • What’s he like?
  • He is a very patient guy
  • What does she look like?
  • She looks beautiful, she has long straight hair

Sentences with Like: Simple Present

These are some sentences with Like and the Simple Present

  • I like to play soccer
  • I like to run
  • She likes to watch TV
  • She likes to watch Movies
  • He likes dancing
  • He likes singiing
  • They like studying
  • They like learning languages

These are some negative sentences using like and the simple present:

  • I don’t like to play soccer
  • I don’t like horror movies
  • She doesn’t like to eat vegetables
  • She doesn’t like spending time with me
  • He doesn’t like to go to the beach
  • He doesn’t like to lift weights
  • We don’t like to watch action movies
  • We don’t like to go to school

 These are some questions in the simple present using the verb like

  • Do you like to eat chicken? 
  • Do you like going to the gym?
  • Does she like doing exercises?
  • Does she like to play soccer with us
  • Do they like coming to parties?
  • Do they like going to concerts?

Sentences with like: Modal Would

These are some sentences with like and the modal would

  • I would like to run more often
  • I would like to learn how to dance
  • She would like to Learn English
  • She would like to speak in Portuguese
  • He would like to spend more time with his kids
  • He would like to move to another big city
  • They would like to get better results
  • They would like more European countries

These are some questions and answers with the phrase would like

  • Would you like to come with me to the party?
  • Yes, I would
  • Would you like to watch a horror movie?
  • No, I wouldn’t 
  • Would you like to learn another language?
  • Yes, I would 
  • Where would you like to go?
  • I would like to go to the Coldplay concert
  • Where would you like to work in the future?
  •  I would like to work in a law office
  • Who would you like to meet?
  • I would like to meet Snoop Dogg 

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