Grammar Lessons: Passive Voice

Passive Voice Explanation

Passive Voice

The passive voice is used to show interest in the person or object that experiences an action rather than the person or object that performs the action.

Passive Voice Examples

  1. The castle in the amusement park was built last year.
  2. The road is being repaired.
  3. A faster computer is being designed by a team of experts

Passive Voice Examples using Different Tenses and Modals

 Tense or ModalActive voicePassive Voice
Simple PresentTom writes a letterA letter is written 
Simple PastTom wrote a letterA letter was written 
Present ProgressiveTom is writing a letterA letter is being written
Past ProgressiveTom was reading a letterA letter was being read
Present PerfectI have seen a ghostA ghost have been seen
Past PerfectI had seen a ghostA ghost had been seen
FutureI will fix the carThe car will be fixed
WouldI would fix the carThe car would be fixed
ShouldI should do thisThis should be done
CanI can do thatThat can be done
Could I could cook thatThat could be cooked
MustI must make a cakeA cake must be made
MayI may fix the PCThe PC may be fixed
MightI might sell my carMy car might be sold

Passive Voice with Infinitives

The infinitive passive voice is used after modal verbs and other most verbs normally followed by an infinitive.

  1. You have to be tested by the new doping agency.
  2. She doesn’t want to be helped.
  3. John might be promoted next year if he keeps reaching company goals.
  4. She wants to be invited to the school dance.
  5. There was no more work to be done
  6. The city is said to be dangerous.
  7. The world was believed to be flat.
  8. These fruits are said to be good for health
  9. He is believed to be dangerous.
  10. This plant is said to be a remedy for sinusitis.
  11. The door must be locked at all times.
  12. This job cannot be done.
  13. He is going to be interviewed tomorrow.
  14. I don’t want to be disturbed.

Passive Voice with Gerunds

Gerunds are used after prepositions and verbs normally followed by a gerund.

  1. remember being taught to drive when I was 18
  2. Most film stars hate being interviewed.
  3. I don’t like being laughed at
  4. I don’t like being cheated.
  5. She enjoys being photographed
  6. Her baby loves being held
  7. She enjoy being read to

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