The Simple Present Passive: Guide & Examples

Today we are going to learn how to make sentences with the simple present passive following this step by step guide.

The passive voice is used when we want to emphasize the action (the verb) and the object of a sentence rather than subject. 

These are some examples of sentences with the simple present and the passive voice:

  1. The new student is helped by the teacher
  2. Cookies are made
  3. This is used for experiments
  4. These problems are always solved
  5. Sandwiches are sold here

Let’s check the structure to make these type of sentences so you can make simple passive present tenses correctly

How to Make Simple Present Passive Sentences

First of all, we need to know how to make active sentences with the simple present

These are some examples of active sentences with the simple present

  • I wash my car every day
  • She repairs bikes
  • He cleans her rooms every day
  • We feed the dog
  • They clean hacked websites

The structure of those sentences is:

I washmy car

To make passive sentence with the simple present, that structure need to change

SubjectVerb to be Past Participle
My cariswashed

Simple Present Passive Sentences

These are some simple present passive sentences.

In these sentences, we have the sentences in the active voice

  • I wash the clothing (Active voice)
  • The clothing is washed (Passive voice)
  • I teach different classes in the afternoon (Active voice)
  • Different classes are taught in the afternoon (Passive voice)
  • We provide information to all of our employees (Active voice)
  • All of our employees are provided with information (Passive voice)
  • They don’t make sandwiches here (Active Voice)
  • Sandwiches are not made here (Passive Voice)
  • I don’t paint cars here (Active voice)
  • Car are not painted here (Passive Voice)
  • The gardener waters the flowers (Active voice)
  • The flowers are watered by the gardener (Passive Voice)
  • They wash the floors every day (Active Voice)
  • The floors are washed every day (Passive voice)
  • I make cakes for my students (active voice)
  • Cakes are made for my students (Passive voice)
  • They clean hacked websites
  • Hacked websites are cleaned

Questions in the Present Simple Passive

These are some questions using the Present Simple Passive

  • Is English Spoken here?
  • Is French Spoken here?
  • Is coffee served here?
  • Is Pizza served here?
  • Are apples imported from Costa Rica?
  • Are Pineapples imported from Nicaragua?
  • Are cars exported every month?
  • Are computer components exported every month?
  • Are these sweaters made in China?
  • Are these shoes made in Japan?
  • Are these houses built fast?
  • Are these computers sold fast?

Present Simple Passive Exercises

These are some exercises to help you learn the present simple passive well

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