Future Plans Questions and Examples

In this lesson, you will encounter three engaging speaking tasks designed to enhance your proficiency in future tenses.

These activities aim to provide a dynamic and practical approach to understanding and using different forms of expressing future actions.

Let’s delve into each task:

Answer one of these questions based on the last digit of your telephone numbers. If your last digit is 0, you can choose any questions that you like

  1. What are you doing tonight?
  2. What are you doing tomorrow?
  3. What are you doing next weekend?
  4. What fitness goal do you have?
  5. What spiritual goal do you have?
  6. What are you going to buy?
  7. When are you gonna get married?
  8. When are you gonna finish my major?
  9. What diet goals do you have?

Questions based on your Birthday

Read the statements and correct them if necessary. The one for you is based on the day you were born

  1. I am going to get married next year
  2. I am going to have twins next year
  3. I will listen to Milky Chance tonight
  4. I will rent a car and go to the beach
  5. I am taking a class tomorrow night
  6. I am taking a test next Tuesday
  7. I am gonna play call of Duty
  8. I am gonna eat rice pudding
  9. I am gonna go out with my boyfriend
  10. I am gonna play Call of Duty Tomorrow
  11. I am going to watch a horror movie tonight
  12. I am going to start a diet next week
  13. I will go running with my friend from High school
  14. I will move to another city this year
  15. I will learn how to drive a car
  16. I will go to church next Sunday
  17. I am gonna go to to the beach next weekend
  18. I will do exercises
  19. I will quit smoking
  20. I am going to a restaurant next week
  21. I am going to buy a new bike this year
  22. I am taking five classes next quarter
  23. I will celebrate my birthday with my girlfriend
  24. I will go abroad next week
  25. I will take dancing classes next year
  26. I will get a new job next year
  27. I am deleting my Facebook account
  28. I am swimming this weekend
  29. I am doing yoga Tomorrow
  30. I am making a cake this weekend
  31. I am watching a horror movies this weekend

Finish These Sentences

Finish these sentences. Choose the sentence based on the last digit of your telephone number. If your last digit is 0, you can choose any questions that you like

  1. Next year I am going to …
  2. Next weekend I am going to …
  3. Next month, I will….
  4. Next week I will…
  5. Tomorrow I am doing …
  6. Next Tuesday, I will learn ..
  7. Next Sunday, I am going to
  8. In two years, I ..
  9. In three years I..

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