Conversation Questions about Family

Conversation Questions about Family

Conversation Questions about Family

Conversation Questions about Family

Basic Information

  1. How many brothers and sisters do you have?
  2. Are you an only child?
  3. Where does your mother / father work?
  4. Do you have younger or older brothers / sisters?
  5. Do you keep in touch with your parents and siblings?
  6. Are you married or single?
  7. Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?
  8. Do you have any children?
  9. Are your parents strict?
  10. Do you get along with the rest of the members of your family?
  11. Do you still live with your parents?
  12. Do you ever argue with your parents and siblings?
  13. What’s the best thing about your mom or dad?
  14. How often do you meet your cousins?
  15. If you are married, how well do you get along with your in-laws?
  16. Who is the oldest person in your family?
  17. Who is the funniest person in your family?

Think about the Past

  1. What are some of your childhood memories?
  2. How did you get your name?
  3. Did your parents let you stay up late?
  4. Did you parents let you watch TV ?
  5. How did your family celebrate holidays?
  6. How often did you go on vacation with your family?
  7. What games did you use to play with your brothers / sisters?
  8. How often did you go on family trips?

Discussion Questions

  1. Do many wives work in your country?
  2. Who should care of elderly people?
  3. Should people get married in their early 20’s?
  4. Who has the most power in your family?
  5. What is the perfect number of children a family should have?
  6. What do you think of people who marry and decide not to have children?
  7. Is it better for mothers to stay at home with kids or go to work?
  8. Do you prefer spending time with your family or friends?
  9. What’s the best age to get married?
  10. Which is better: being married or being single? Why?
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