20 Sentences with Yet: Guide & Examples

There are many type of sentences that we can make with the word yet, before you check those examples, let’s check what the word yet means.

Yet means up until the present or a specified or implied time; by now or then.

The word yet play different roles in sentences, some of its uses are understood by basic users of the language and others are understood by user of the language with an intermediate level of proficiency.

Types of Sentences with Yet

These are some of the uses of the word Yet

Yet is used to mean before now or before that time

  • Have you finished that task yet?
  • Have you read that book yet?
  • Has she called you yet?
  • Haven’t you paid the rent yet?
  • Haven’t you met him yet?

Yet is commonly used to indicate that something hasn’t been done

  • I haven’t completed my homework yet
  • I haven’t eaten breakfast yet

Yet is used to mean now or as early as this time

  • I don’t wanna go home yet
  • I wouldn’t like to finish my talk yet
  • I won’t stop running yet
  • I don’t want a boyfriend yet 
  • We haven’t arrived yet

Yet is used to connect words or phrases

  • His plans are very simple yet effective
  • The routine is quite easy to complete, yet nobody wants to do it
  • I don’t really like soccer, yet I support my child soccer team
  • She plays tennis well, yet her favorite sport is soccer,

Yet is used for emphasis

  • He’s made yet another mistake
  • I found yet more mistakes in the report.
  • Yet another issue to deal with.
  • Yet another source of trouble
  • My mother served her yet another piece of pie

Yet can substitute words such as but and however

  • He’s cool enough, yet I don’t like him.
  • Linda plays tennis well, yet her favorite sport is soccer
  • She hates the place, yet she likes to come here to help people
  • I love music, yet I don’t like to watch musicals

Questions with Yet

These are some example of questions with yet

  • Have you visited the doctor yet?
  • No, I haven’t
  • Have you read the book yet?
  • No, I haven’t , I don’t like reading that much
  • Have you studied Mathematics?
  • Yes, I have. I didn’t understand anything
  • Have she called you yet?
  • No, she hasn’t, she hates me
  • Haven’t you criticized him openly yet?
  • No, I haven’t. I don’t want to cause any problems
  • Have you considered my offer yet?
  • Sorry, we have been busy these past few days

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