75 Sentences with Can: Guide and Examples

Today you are going to learn how to make different affirmative, negative, and interrogative sentences with can.

These are some examples of sentences with can.

#1I can go to the concert
#2I can cook really delicious food
#3She can drive the new car

Let’s check all the different sentences that you can make with the modal “can”

When to Use the Modal Can

We use “can” to talk about your abilities or lack of them

  • I can cook very delicious food
  • I can understand German
  • I can code a nice theme for the website
  • I can drive all types of vehicles

We use “can” to say that you can do and will do something

  • I can finish the project for you
  • I can take care of the kids while you are out
  • I can send an email
  • We can go to the concert on Monday

We use “can” to say that something is allowed

  • She can use my car if she needs it
  • She can wear that blue shirt if she wants to
  • She can spend the afternoon working alone if she wants to
  • She can’t use the computer
  • She can’t enter this zone without our permission.

We use “can” to request something

  • Can you help me with the report?
  • Can you prepare the presentation?
  • Can you call Mike from Human Resources?
  • Can you open the door?

We also use “can” to express possibility

  • You can get injured
  • She can get sick
  • They can cause a car accident

Finally, we use “can” to offer help politely

  • What can I do for you?
  • How can I help you?
  • Can I help with those bags?
  • Can I take you home?

Affirmative Sentences with Can

You can make affirmative sentences with can using this structure

I canSwim
She can dance
Wecan cook

These are some affirmative sentences with can

  • I can speak English and Japanese
  • I can drive trucks
  • I can come tomorrow and help you out
  • I can pick up the kids
  • You can use my bike
  • You can leave whenever you want
  • You can get really sick by drinking that
  • You can get injured by not following the safety rules
  • Smoking can cause cancer

Negative Sentences with Can

You can make negative sentences with can by following this structure

I can’t Swim
She can’tdance
Wecan’t cook

These are some negative sentences with can

  • I can’t run that fast
  • I can’t climb trees as you do
  • I can’t be here tomorrow
  • I am sorry but I can’t pick up the kids
  • You can’t use my drive to go to the party
  • You can’t play more video games
  • I am so sorry but You can’t smoke here

Interrogative Sentences with Can

This is the structure that you need to follow to make interrogative sentences with can.

Can wego for a ride?

These are some interrogative sentences with can

  1. Can you speak French?
  2. Can you team cook for 100 people?
  3. Can she find the error in the code?
  4. Can she drive a truck?
  5. Can we leave?
  6. Can we start another major?
  7. Can they park their cars here?
  8. Can they use the computer while they wait?
  9. Can I run another mile?
  10. Can I sit here and wait for my drink?

These are some examples of interrogative sentences with can and Wh-Questions

  1. Why can’t we leave?
  2. What can we do about this situation?
  3. Where can we find the suspect?
  4. Who can help us with this particular problem?
  5. How can we fix this mechanical problem?
  6. How many languages can you speak?
  7. When can I get my car back?
  8. How can she do something like that to us?
  9. Why can’t we enter the bank without a mask?
  10. Where can we buy a new tire?

Video: Can, Can’t, and Cannot

If you need a video explanation about what you just read, Watch this video

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