Soccer Vocabulary in English

Soccer  is a team sport played with a spherical ball between two teams of eleven players.

Soccer is played by 250 million players in over 200 countries and dependencies, making it the world’s most popular sport.

Today, you are going to learn the basic vocabulary that you need to know to talk about soccer in English

Soccer Vocabulary: Words and Phrases

These are some words and expression related to soccer vocabulary

Team sportSoccer is a team sport
WallPlayers make a human wall to block a free kick.
RefereeOfficial time keeper of the match
GoalThey just scored a goal
Full TimeThe full time is the end of a match
DribblingManeuvering of a ball by a single player
PlayersTwo teams of eleven players
GoalThere si a  goal at each end
Score Costa Rica needs to score right now 
ScoreWhat’s the score? 2-2?
GoalkeepersGoalkeeper can touch the ball with their hands
Penalty It is penalty for Brazil
Off side He was in a offside position
Throw-inMethod to start the game when the ball exits
Penalty areaThe foul took place near the penalty area
Penalty SpotWithin the penalty area, there is a penalty spot
Extra timeIt is a tie, we will have extra time
Tie 2-2 , It is a tie
Penalty shootout We will have five penalty shoot outs.

Basic Soccer Vocabulary: Players Positions in soccer

These are player positions in soccer.

Centre BackSweeper
Wing backCentral midfielders
defensive midfielder attacking midfielder
wide midfielder centre forward
Main StrikerWinger
Second Striker

Equipment to Play Soccer / Football

This soccer vocabulary have to do with the equipment to play soccer.

shortshin guards

Soccer Vocabulary: Player Styles

These are some of the player styles that you can find among soccer players

Shot Stopperknown as being very good at saving strikes on goal
SweeperCrosses outside of the goal area without the use of his hands
Clinical Finisherforwards that specialise in their accurate shooting ability
Stopperstop the opposition’s attacking play by making strong tackles
Ball Winnerskilled at winning the ball back from the opposition
Creative Midfielderare able to create goal-scoring opportunities
Playmakercontrols the flow of attacking play
Dribblerplayers known for their close ball control ability
Counterattackerany attacking player that uses their pace to beat defenders

Soccer Vocabulary: Rules

These are some soccer rules that you will find in soccer.

  1. Each team consists of a maximum of eleven players.
  2. Goalkeepers are the only players allowed to play the ball with their hands or arms.
  3. The goalkeeper must wear clothing that is easily distinguishable from other players.
  4. The referee may punish a player’s or substitute’s misconduct by a caution (yellow card) or dismissal (red card)
  5. There is a clearly defined area in which to play the game.

Soccer Vocabulary: Ball in and Out

This is some soccer vocabulary to use when ball is in or out .

Kick-offIndirect Free Kick
Throw-inDirect Free Kick
Goal KickPenalty Kick
Corner KickDropped ball

Soccer Vocabulary: Terminology

These are some important terms about soccer

  1. Advantage Rule: The referee does not have to stop play every time he detects a foul.
  2. Bicycle Kick: A volley in which the player kicks the ball over his own head.
  3. Dead Ball: When play is stopped and the ball is not moving.
  4. Own Goal: When a player kicks, or heads, or deflects, the ball into his own goal

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