30 Sentences with Already: Guide & Examples

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We use already to emphasise that something was completed before something else happened.

  • I’ve already told him
  • I’ve already seen that movie.
  • Are you leaving already?
  • He hasn’t gone already, has he?

Already is often used with the present perfect or past perfect.

Let’s check examples of sentences with already using different tenses in English

Already: Position in a Sentence

We usually put already in the normal mid position for adverbs.

These can go; (1) between the subject and the main verb, (2) after the modal verb or first auxiliary verb and (3) After be as a main verb.

  • I already knew he failed the test
  • I had already told him the truth
  • Mike’ s already here

We can use already at the end of a sentence for greater emphasis or to show greater surprise. 

  • He finished his homework already
  • Did you finish your application already?

Sentences with Already and the Present Perfect

These are some sentences with already and the Present Perfect

  • I have already changed my clothes.
  • She has already left the office.
  • Have you already read this book?
  • I have already eaten lunch.

Sentences with Already and the Past Perfect

These are example of sentences with already and the past perfect

  • The plane had already landed
  •  she had already gone home.
  • The text had already been marked up with corrections
  • She had already gone to the park 

Sentences with Already and the Simple Present

These are some sentences with already and the simple present

  • already know. 
  • I already ate
  • I’m already busy
  • I’m already late
  • I’m already rich.
  • It’s already dark.
  • Joe’s already here
  • John is already a writer

Sentences with Already and the Simple Past

These are some sentences with already and the simple past

  • She was already in love with him.
  • already ate.
  • I did it already
  • You already paid
  • already checked those tests
  • They already knew. 
  • They already left.
  • We already paid for your flight
  • already said that.

Pronunciación: Already

In this video, you can listen to the pronunciation of already

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