Thanksgiving Conversation Questions

Thanksgiving Conversation Questions


Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday celebrated on various dates in Canada, the United States, some of the Caribbean islands, and Liberia.

It began as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year. Similarly named festival holidays occur in Germany and Japan.

Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday of October in Canada and on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States, and around the same part of the year in other places.

Although Thanksgiving has historical roots in religious and cultural traditions, it has long been celebrated as a secular holiday as well

Thanksgiving Vocabulary

Apple PieNovember
Pumpkin PieDessert

Thanksgiving Conversation Questions

These are 11 Thanksgiving Conversation Questions to generate conversation about this popular American holiday

Thanksgiving Conversation Questions: Part 1

  1. What do you know about Thanksgiving?
  2. Is Thanksgiving celebrated in your country?
  3. What foods do you usually eat for Thanksgiving?
  4. What time do people start eating during Thanksgiving?
  5. What do you do after the Thanksgiving dinner?
  6. What are some of your Thanksgiving family traditions?
  7. Do you have any Thanksgivng memories?
  8. Where do you go for Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving Conversation Questions: Part 2

  1. What’s your favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal?
  2. How did you celebrate last Thanksgiving?
  3. What are you most thankful for?
  4. What family members come to your Thanksgiving Dinner?
  5. Do you have bad memories about a specific Thanksgiving Celebration?

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