ESL Conversations: 50 How Often Questions

How Often Questions

We use how often and ever to ask questions about frequency. how often comes at the beginning of the clause:

  • How often do you go to the cinema?
  • How often do you play soccer?

How often questions usually require that you manage frequency adverbs.

These are the most common frequency adverbs in English:

AlwaysI always go out on Friday Nights
NeverShe never plays soccer with her friends
SometimesSometimes I go running with my best friend
RarelyHe rarely goes to the gym
Every weekI go to the movies every week
Every NightI play soccer every night

How Often Questions: Entertainment

How Often do you…

  1. Go to concerts?
  2. Watch movies?
  3. Watch anime?
  4. Listen to music?
  5. Watch horror movies?
  6. Play video games?
  7. Play sports?
  8. Go to the movies?
  9. Go out with your friends?

How Often Questions: Sport and Exercises

How Often do you…

  1. Play soccer?
  2. Play basketball?
  3. Go running?
  4. Go to the gym?
  5. Do squats?
  6. Do push ups?
  7. Do squats?
  8. Do spinning?
  9. Ride a bicycle?
  10. Lift Weights

How Often Questions: Social Media

How Often do you…

  1. Post pictures on social media?
  2. Check facebook?
  3. Check your phone during the day?
  4. Chat with friends?
  5. Make a whatsapp call to friends?
  6. Post a status on whatsapp or Facebook?

How Often Questions: Shopping

How Often do you…

  1. Go shopping?
  2. Shop for new shoes?
  3. Shop for clothing online?
  4. Buy new jeans and shirts?
  5. Buy a dress?
  6. Buy a suit?

How Often Questions: Eating

How often do you…

  1. Go to fast food restaurants?
  2. Eat hamburgers?
  3. Eat pizza?
  4. Eat chicken?
  5. Eat vegetables?
  6. Make breakfast?
  7. Eat cereal for breakfast?
  8. Make lunch?
  9. Make dinner?
  10. Eat Dessert after lunch?
  11. Eat junk food
  12. Eat Fruits

Questions and Answers: How Often do you…?

These are some questions and answer with how often do you…?

How often do you go to the movies?I never go to the movies because I watch movies at home?
How often do you go running?I go running twice a week
How often do you listen to music?I listem all the time, I love music
How often do you go to the gym?I never go to the gym
How often do you eat pizza?I eat pizza twice a week
How often do you eat chicken?I have chicken for lunch every other day
How often do you check Facebook?I check Facebook several times during the day
How often do you ride a bicycle?I don’t usually ride a bicycle
How often do you make lunch?I don’t make lunch
How often do you buy suits?I never buy suits, I don’t need them
How often do you buy tennis shoes?I buy tennis shoes once a year
How often do you go to Taco Bell?Sometimes I go to Taco Bell
How often do you take a shower?I take a shower every day
How often do you drive to work?I drive to work 5 days a week
How often do you study English?I study English every day
How often do you play soccer?I never play soccer
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