Lessons: How to Order Food in English

How to Order Food in English

How to Order Food in English

Learning how to order food is necessary if you have to go to a restaurant.

Vocabulary to Order Food in English

  1. Eggs
  2. Toast
  3. Chicken soup
  4. Salad
  5. Slice of Pizza
  6. Cheeseburger
  7. Coffee
  8. Tea
  9. Soft Drinks

Phrases to Order to Food in English

These are some common phrases to order food in English

Questions to Order Food in English

Questions to Order food in English made by the waiter

  1. Would you like to start with a drink?
  2. Would you like to taste the wine?
  3. Can I take your order?
  4. Are you ready to order?
  5. Can I get you a drink?
  6. Can I get a drink for you all?
  7. Would you all like to order a drink now?
  8. What  drinks would you like?
  9. Do you have question about the menu?
  10. Do you want the combo meal?
  11. How would you like your meat cooked?
  12. How would you like your eggs cooked

Questions made by the people who go to the restaurant

  1. What would you recommend?
  2. What are the specialities?
  3. What are today’s specials?
  4. Can we have the bill, please?
  5. Can we have the check, please?
  6. What do you have?
  7. Can we have a table for two?

Sentences useful to Order Food in English

  1. Hi, Welcome to Applebee’s
  2. I’d like a cheese pizza, please.
  3. I’m going to have the eggs and toast.
  4. I’ll get the coconut ice cream.
  5. I‘ll take the burger
  6. I’m going to take the hot chocolate
  7. That will be $8
How to Order Food in English

Lesson Plan: How to Order Food in English

Schema Activation

  • Students play a memory game with information about food served in restaurants
  • Students are shown images of food and they have to remember the food in the order they were shown.


Task #1

  1. Students are given a list of scrambled questions and statements.
  2. They unscramble the questions and statements
  3. They review the answer orally with other classmates

Task #2

  1. Students make pairs and sit in a back to back position
  2. A classmate is given column A of a matching and another student is given column B
  3. They have to talk to their partners to complete the task.

Task #3

  1. Students are given a template of a dialogue with highlighted information
  2. They analyze the dialogue and use it to have a conversation with their partners


  1. Students make groups of 3 
  2. Students grab five strips of paper with some phrases studied during the lesson.
  3. Student prepare and rehearse the dialogue
  4. They do the role play


  1. Teacher reviews some of the most common mistakes made during the first stages of the lesson
  2. Students take a quiz 
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