English Lessons: How to Go Shopping in English

How to Go Shopping in English

How to Go Shopping in English

Useful Expressions for Shopping in English

Ways to Pay

Can I pay with credit card?Do you take Visa?
Do I have to pay in cash?Is there an ATM near here?
Can I pay with cash?Do you offer a cash discount?
Can I pay by check?Do you give credit?

Talking about the Price

How much is it?How much are these?
This is quite expensiveThose computers are cheap
How much does this cost?How much do they cost?
Can I get a discount?Can you give me a discount if I buy two?
It is 10% offIt is two for one
Can you do me a deal?Can you throw in any extras?
What is the price after the discount?How much is the tax?

Looking for recommendations

Can you recommend a good shoe store?Where is the nearest shopping centre?
Is there pharmacy in this area?Where can I buy books?
Do you know where the nearest hardware store is?Do you sell Iphones here?

Opening Hours

What time do you open?What time do you close?
What are your opening hours?Are you open all day?


Deposit requiredNo exchanges
No refundsNo coupons

Other Useful Vocabulary

  1. To spend money
  2. To sell
  3. To buy
  4. To go shopping
  5. To browse
  6. To go window shopping
  7. May I help you?
  8. Are you looking for anything in particular?
  9. I am just browsing
  10. I am looking for a Dell Computer

How to Go Shopping – Dialogue

W: We are having a summer sale. Everything is 50% off the normal price.
M:Really? Everything?
W: Yes. Everything is on sale, including jeans, sandals, and belt. All the summer shirts are on sale, too.
M: I do need some new glasses. I lost mine when I went to the beach this summer. Oh, these are really nice. What is the price of these? There is no price tag on them.
W: Well, sir, there’s no price tag on those sunglasses because they are mine!
M: Really? I would like to get a pair of sunglasses just like these. Where did you get them?
W: Actually, I got them for $15 at a Quicksilver store.
M: There is a Quiksilver store in this mall, isn’t there?
W: Yes, but let me show you the ones we have on sale.
M: No, thanks. I think I’ll just go to Super Glasses!

How to Go Shopping – Lesson Plan

Schema Activation


Task #1

  1. Students are sent a list of key vocabulary using a Quizlet Set
  2. Students check the spelling and the pronunciation
  3. Students quiz their classmates 

Task #2

  1. Students  are sent  a google.
  2. They open the google form and they interview their classmates 
  3. Once they interview somebody, they have to be interviewed by somebody else.

Task #3

  1. Teacher gives students a chart that describes 5 phones
  2. Students make questions such as:
    • What cellphones do you offer?
    • How much does it cost?
    • What color is it?
    • What’s the storage capacity?
    • What operating system does it have?
    • What’s the brand?
    • How many megapixels does the camera have?


  1. Students make groups of 3 
  2. They choose a store and a product
  3. They prepare questions and answers 
  4. They role-play the conversation in class.

Post- Task

Students participate in a kahoot to check if they became familiar with the contents of the class.


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