How to Go Shopping in English

When you travel to a foreign country where English is spoken, you need to use your language to communicate with others.

You need to know:

  • How to Ask for a Price in English
  • How to get details about the features of a product
  • How to deal with shopping Problems

In this lessons, you will learn all that you need to know to go shopping in a country where English is spoken

Useful Expressions for Shopping in English

These are some useful expressions when shopping in English about:

  • Ways to pay
  • Prices
  • Looking for recommendations
  • Opening Hours
  • Restrictions in English

#1 Ways to Pay

These are some useful ways to talk about methods to pay in English

Can I pay with credit card?Do you take Visa?
Do I have to pay in cash?Is there an ATM near here?
Can I pay with cash?Do you offer a cash discount?
Can I pay by check?Do you give credit?

#2 Talking about the Price

This is some useful vocabulary to get the price of a product in English

How much is it?How much are these?
This is quite expensiveThose computers are cheap
How much does this cost?How much do they cost?
Can I get a discount?Can you give me a discount if I buy two?
It is 10% offIt is two for one
Can you do me a deal?Can you throw in any extras?
What is the price after the discount?How much is the tax?

#3 Looking for recommendations in English

This is some useful vocabulary to get recommendations in English

Can you recommend a good shoe store?Where is the nearest shopping centre?
Is there pharmacy in this area?Where can I buy books?
Do you know where the nearest hardware store is?Do you sell Iphones here?

#4 Opening Hours in English

These are some ways to talk about the opening hours of a store

What time do you open?What time do you close?
What are your opening hours?Are you open all day?

#5 Restrictions when Shopping in English

These are some common phrases to talk about restrictions when shopping in English

Deposit requiredNo exchanges
No refundsNo coupons

#6 Other Useful Vocabulary

These are other useful expressions

  1. To spend money
  2. To sell
  3. To buy
  4. To go shopping
  5. To browse
  6. To go window shopping
  7. May I help you?
  8. Are you looking for anything in particular?
  9. I am just browsing
  10. I am looking for a Dell Computer

#7 Shopping Conversation Questions

These are some conversation questions if you want to have a good conversation with your students or classmate.

Shopping Set #1

  1. Do you like shopping?
  2. Do you prefer shopping alone or with friends or family?
  3. How much do you spend when you go shopping?
  4. Do you shop online? What kind of items do you buy online?
  5. What’s the most expensive thing that you have ever bought?
  6. Do you usually buy stuff on Black Friday?
  7. What’s your favourite shop?

Shopping Set #2

  1. What do you hate most about shopping?
  2. What is ‘window shopping’? Do you like window-shopping?
  3. Do you usually buy brand name products? Why?
  4. Do you usuually to get coupons or discounts?
  5. how much did you spend on presents last year?
  6. Do you compare prices at different stores when you shop?
  7. Do you enjoy shopping?

Shopping Set #3

  1. Do you ever buy second-hand things?
  2. Do you usually pay with your credit or debit card?
  3. Do you sometimes buy things that you don’t need?
  4. Where is your favorite place to shop for clothes?
  5. How do you feel about shopping at department stores or malls?
  6. Which is better, shopping in shops or shopping online?
  7. Have you ever used eBay?
  8. Do you like to go shopping for clothes?
  9. Do you like to go shopping for electronics?

#8 How to Go Shopping Dialogue

These are some shopping dialogues to help you practice

W: We are having a summer sale. Everything is 50% off the normal price.
M:Really? Everything?
W: Yes. Everything is on sale, including jeans, sandals, and belt. All the summer shirts are on sale, too.
M: I do need some new glasses. I lost mine when I went to the beach this summer. Oh, these are really nice. What is the price of these? There is no price tag on them.
W: Well, sir, there’s no price tag on those sunglasses because they are mine!
M: Really? I would like to get a pair of sunglasses just like these. Where did you get them?
W: Actually, I got them for $15 at a Quicksilver store.
M: There is a Quiksilver store in this mall, isn’t there?
W: Yes, but let me show you the ones we have on sale.
M: No, thanks. I think I’ll just go to Super Glasses!

Shopping Conversation B

This is a short conversation between a salesperson and a customer

Salesperson: Can I help you?

Gloria: Yes, I’m looking for a sweater — in a size medium.

Salesperson: Let’s see…here’s a nice white one. What do you think?

Gloria: I think I’d rather have it in blue.

Salesperson: OK…here’s blue, in a medium. Would you like to try it on?

Gloria: OK…yes, I love it. It fits perfectly. How much is it?

Salesperson: It’s $50. It will be $53 with tax.

Gloria: Perfect! I’ll take it.

Shopping Vocabulary Worksheets PDF

These are some shopping vocabulary worksheets in PDF Format

  1. Shopping Vocabulary Worksheets PDF
  2. Shopping Vocabulary Worksheets PDF

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