Guide to Words with oi and oy

There are two spelling for the /oi/ sound. Oi as in boil and oy as in boy.

The letter combinations “oi” and “oy” are diphthongs and sound alike.

Oi or Oy: Use oi in the middle of a word and use oy at the end of a word.

Words with oi

These are some words with oi


Sentences with words with oi

  1. I try to avoid supermarkets on Saturdays
  2. Try not to make so much noise
  3. Can you pass me the oil?
  4. I am going to boil some eggs
  5. I am losing my voice
  6. You have to make a choice
  7. You didn’t get any points
  8. She won’t disappoint me
  9. I am going to join a different church.
  10. There is not toilet paper in the restroom

Words with oy

These are some words with oi


These are some sentences with oi and oy

  1. That’s my boy
  2. I am full of joy
  3. Galactus wanted to destroy our planet
  4. I enjoy taking classes online
  5. We need to hire another employee
  6. I don’t like soy milk
  7. There were some cowboys by the entrance
  8. You are going to annoy a few customers
  9. Leave, It is a decoy
  10. She has to deploy two more servers

Practice Test: Words with oi and oy

These are some practice texts

  • Floyd made a choice. He liked Joy’s voice. It made a nice noise. No one had a voice like Joy. One day, Joy lost her voice. Floyd made a choice to help Joy get back her voice. He boiled broth for Joy. The broth made Joy’s throat moist. NowJoy’s voice makes a nice noise again.
  • Roy and the boy set out for joy in a Rolls Royce, but, oh no, it lacked oil. Pointing, Dad came to the rescue, and they toiled to fix the oil issue. Underneath, Dad found a snake in a coil, causing chaos. His swift escape led to a fall, breaking his hip joint. Sadly, the Rolls Royce ride for Roy and the boy had to be postponed.

Videos about Words with oi and oy

This is the video that I like the most but there are a few more good videos there

Words with oi and oy Worksheets

These are some free worksheets about words with oi and oy

Words with oi and oy Games

These are some games to help students practice with words with oi and oy

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