How to Describe Jobs in English

How to Describe Jobs

Jobs and Occupations

This is a list of Job Occupations by category


physicianeye specialist
family doctorear specialist
general practitionerheart specialist

Art and Creative Work

ArtistFashion Designer
PainterGraphic Designer
Singer Guitarist

Law and Order

LawyerBody Guard
AttorneyPrison Guard
DetectivePolice Officer
Traffic Officer

Management and Financial Activities

InspectorBank Clerk

Jobs and Occupations with Descriptions

  • Accountant – a person that keeps financial records
  • Actor /Actress – a person that acts in a play or a movie
  • Architect – a person that designs building and houses.
  • Astronomer – a person who studies the stars and the universe
  • Author – A person who write books
  • Baker – A person who makes bread
  • Bus driver – a person that drives buses.
  • Butcher – a person that cut the meat and sell it
  • Carpenter – a person that makes things from wood including houses and furniture.
  • Chef/Cook – a person that prepared food for others, often in a restaurant or café.
  • Cleaner – a person that cleans an area or place 
  • Dentist – a person that can fix problems you have with your teeth.
  • Designer – a person who has the job of designing things.
  • Doctor – a person you who cures health problems
  • Dustman/Refuse collector – a person that collects trash from bins in the street.
  • Electrician – a person that works with electric circuits.
  • Factory worker – a person that works in a factory.
  • Farmer – a person that works on a farm, usually with animals.
  • Fireman/Fire fighter – a person that puts out fires.
  • Fisherman – a person that catches fish
  • Gardener – a person that keeps gardens clean and take care of the plants 
  • Hairdresser – they cut your hair or give it a new style.
  • Journalist – a person that makes new reports in writing or through television.
  • Judge – a qualified person that decides cases in a law court.
  • Lifeguard – a person that saves lives where people swim 
  • Mechanic – a person that repairs machines, especially car motors.
  • Model – a person that works in fashion, modeling clothes and accessories.
  • Nurse – a person who helps  doctor look after the sick people.
  • Optician – a person that checks your eyes and try and correct any problems with them
  • Painter – a person that paints the interior and exterior of buildings.
  • Pharmacist – a qualified person that dispenses medicines
  • Photographer – a person that takes photos.
  • Pilot – a person who flies a plane.
  • Plumber – a person that repairs your water systems or pipes.
  • Politician – a person who works in politics.
  • Policeman/Policewoman – a person who tries to prevent crime
  • Postman – a person that delivers mail to your house.
  • Real estate agent – a person that sell properties
  • Receptionist – a person that welcomes visitors and gives information
  • Scientist – a person who does experiments
  • Tailor – a person that makes clothes for others.
  • Taxi driver – a person who drives a taxi.
  • Teacher – a person that teaches classes at school
  • Translator – a person that translates from one language to another.
  • Travel agent – a person that organises and sells holidays and flights for others.
  • Veterinary doctor (Vet) – a qualified person that looks after sick animals.
  • Waiter/Waitress – a person that works in a food outlet, looking after customers and serving food.

How to Describe Jobs –Target Vocabulary and Grammar


  • Manager
  • Accountant
  • Secretary
  • Clerk
  • Cashier
  • Assistant
  • Bank Teller
  • Doctor
  • Police Officer
  • Professor
  • Receptionist
  • Supervisor
  • Journalist
  • Real State Agent
  • Architech
  • Police Officer
  • Website Designer
  • Translator
  • Engineer
  • It Professional


  1. To design Websites
  2. To sell properties
  3. To keep people safe
  4. To keep people healthy
  5. To filter calls
  6. To write stories for the press
  7. To supervise factory workers
  8. To charge for products you buy
  9. To keep financial accounts
  10. To help with bank transactions
  11. To teach about subjects
  12. To design buildings
  13. To supervise constructions
  14. To translate from one language into another
  15. To offer computer support


  • Where do you work ?
  • I work for  Microsoft
  • I work at Google INC
  • Where do you do there ?
  • What do you do exactly?
  • I design websites
  • What do you do as a receptionist for microsoft?
  • I take calls and sometimes I take notes during meetings
  • What do you usually do at the Bank?
  • As a bank teller, I help people with transactions.

How to Describe Jobs –Target Vocabulary and Grammar

Schema Activation (5 Mins)

  1. Teacher shows a collage made of different jobs and occupations and student identify the professions included there.


Task #1 ( 20 Mins)

  1. Teacher uses this quizlet set about occupations  to review jobs and professions vocabulary.
  2. Then teacher gives students a matching to students to complete in pairs.
  3. Student A is given  a list of occupations.
  4. Student B is given job descriptions
  5. Students don’t show their sheets of papers to their partners and complete the matching using their listening and speaking skills

Task #2 ( 20 Mins)

  1. Students are sent a dialogue, they read it once.
  2. Once students read it once, students  delete two words from the dialogue and pass it to another group.
  3. Once students practice the dialogue again, they delete three words from the dialogue and pass it to another group.
  4. Then four and then five.
  5. By the time this is over, students have to remember most key expressions.

Task #3 (15 Mins)

Listen for main ideas

  1. Teacher sends an audio to students.
  2. Students listen to the listening passage at least two or three times and write in their notebooks the professions and description mentioned in it.

MainTask (20 Mins)

Create a company and talk about the different professions that are part of the company:

  1. Students make groups of four to talk about a company, they create the name of the company first.
  2. They must assign a role within the company  to every member of the group
  3. Every group member must  say at least four job responsibilities they have.

Post-Task (15 Mins)

Speaking about jobs

  1. Students make four to five groups.
  2. Every member of the group think about two jobs responsibilities.
  3. Once they have it ready, they record their professions and their responsibilities.

Teacher  and students listen to it and give feedback to students based on that performance.

Lesson Plan: Describe Professions and Occupations

Schema Activation

  1. Teacher shows a collage made up of different professions and occupations.
  2. Student try to identify as many professions as they can.


Task #1

  1. Students make group of  4 to 6 people
  2. Students are sent a wordle made up of professions and activities these professional do
  3. Students try to identify new vocabulary in it
  4. Group leaders do mimics so their groups guess what the words are.
  5. The group with more correct guesses within a minute wins

Task #2 

  1. Students are  divided into two categories: Student A and Student B
  2. Student A is given a list of occupations with a paranthesis
  3. Student B are given one or two responsibilities
  4. Students A have to talk to different students B to complete the matching (Column A)

Task #3 

  1. Student are given a set of question such as:
    • What’s your name?
    • What do you do?
    • Where do you work? 
    • Where is the company located?
    • What are some of your responsibilities?
    • What qualities do you need to do your job?
  2.  Student answer the question using any information they want
  3. Once they are ready, they ask  and answer these questions.

Main Task

  1. Student make groups of 4
  2. They choose a company or create a fictional one
  3. Each member of the group has a job in the company 
  4. once they are ready, they present their company to their classmates by having group to group conversations


Student answer a short quiz created using Google Forms.

How to Talk about your Current Job

  1. Accountant
  2. Cashier
  3. flight attendant
  4. pilot
  5. manager
  6. receptionist
  7. Tour guide
  8. Website designer
  9. real state agent
  10. Secretary
  11. Financial Clerk
  12. Administrative assistant
  13. Public relations manager
  14. Engineer
  15. Waiter / Waitress
  16. Teacher
  17. Pilot
  18. Driver
  19. Architect
  20. Chef
  21. Dentist
  22. Doctor
  23. Journalist
  24. Lawyer
  25. Musician
  26. Photographer
  27. Travel Agent
  28. Security Guard
  29. Cleaner
  30. Nurse

Key Questions

  1. Where do you work?
  2. What do you do there?
  3. Where is that company / organization located?
  4. What do you do for a living?
  5. How do you like your jobs?
  6. What’s your position in that company / organization?

Ways to answer

  1. I work at …
  2. My position is …
  3. I am in charge of…
  4. I am responsible for…
  5. What exactly do you do?
  6. Do you like your job?
  7. How many hours a week do you work?
  8.  The company is located in…

Pre – Class Assignment

  1. Teachers send a blog post with key vocabulary and phrases so students know a little bit about the topic before coming to class.

Pre- Task

  1. Teacher reviews the vocabulary that he previously sent to students and he makes sure that they remember some of the words and how to pronounce them using quizlet then students make three teams, they have to pick a leader and the leader is going to do mimics so their classmates guess, the team with more correct guesses wins. (20 mins)
  1. Students read false sentences with a partner and they have to make them right orally (15 mins)
  1. Students play a kahoot with the information already given (15 mins)
  2. Students pull a paper out of the bag and in pairs they are going to answer three questions about the profession they get. ( 15 mins)
    1. What do you do for a living?
    2. Where do you work?
    3. What do you do there?
  1.  Students do a listening activity about where people work ( Interchange 1- Fourth Edition) ( 10 mins)
  1. Students listen to a dialogue and then they practice with a partner and then they answer some questions given by the teacher and finally they practice the dialogue with a partner. (20 Mins)

Main Task

  1. Students prepare themselves to answer these questions   (10 minutes)
    1. Where do you work?
    2. Where is the company located?
    3. What is your position there?
    4. What do you do exactly?
    5. How do you like your job?
  2. Teacher verifies their pronunciation and fluency are on point (10 Mins)
  3.  Students have the conversation with each one of  their classmates by changing seats (15  Mins)

Post – Task

  1. Students complete a crossword and then students read the answers and another partner answers ( 15 Mins)
  2. Teacher reminds students about homework for week #1 and #2 (10 Mins)

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