Grammar Lessons: There Was and There Were

There Was
There Were

There Was and There Were

Postive Statements

There+Verb to beComplement
There+wasa book.
There+weretwo people 


  1. There was a cat in the house.
  2. There was  money in the safe.
  3. There was a dog barking at us.
  4. There was a grocery store right there.
  5. There was a dog in the street.
  6. There were two police officers waiting for you outside.
  7. There were three friends of mine who wanted to do that.
  8. There were a lot of people outside the house
  9. There were many stores around here.
  10. There were 7 fish in the fish tank

Negative Statements

There+Verb to beComplement
There+wasn’ta book.
There+weren’ttwo people 


  1. There wasn’t any money in the bank.
  2. There wasn’t any information in the file.
  3. There wasn’t a christmas tree in the living room
  4. There wasn’t a black chair in the store
  5. There weren’t many options available to us.
  6. There weren’t many movies to watch online.
  7. There weren’t any fans in the store.
  8. There weren’t any white chairs in the restaurant
  9. There weren’t any improvements in 2019.
  10. There weren’t any attempts to fix the problem.


Verb to be+ThereComplement ?
Was+therea book.?
Were+theretwo people?


  1. Was there a man standing here?
  2. Was there a soccer player in the hotel?
  3. Was there a museum in that old town?
  4. Was there a lot of food at the party?
  5. Were there many police officers around here?
  6. Were there many people working in the bank?
  7. Were there other factory workers in the construction site?
  8. Were there many things to do?

Questions and Answers

A: Were there a lot of people at the party ?

B: No, there weren’t.

A: Was there a lot of food at the party?

B: Yes, there was.

Questions with How Many ?

  1. How many dogs were there in the park?
  2. How many students were there in your class?
  3. How many drinks were there in the restaurant?
  4. How many people were there in the concert?
  5. How many films were there?

Questions Tags: There Was and There Were

tag question is a grammatical structure in which a declarative or an imperative statement is turned into interrogative fragment

  1. There was a good film on Netflix last night, wasn’t there?
  2. There wasn’t any time to go to the beach, was there?
  3. There wasn’t any food, was there?
  4. There were a lot of people here today, weren’t there?
  5. There weren’t any options for me,  were there?

Remember that if the sentence is affirmative, the question tag will then be negative and if the sentence is negative, the question tag will be affirmative.

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