Questions with Might: Guide and Examples

Published on November 20, 2021 | Updated on March 28, 2024

“Might” is a modal verb most commonly used to express possibility. Might is also used to very formally or politely ask for permission

These are some examples of questions with might:

#1Might we go to the park this afternoon, Father?
#2Might I ask you a few questions?
#3Might I be excused from the table?

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Might Structure

To form questions using the modal verb “might,” follow this structure:

  1. Begin with the modal verb “might.”
  2. Add the subject
  3. Include the base form of the main verb after the subject.
  4. End the question with a question mark.

Here’s the structure in action:

Base Form of Verbcome
Question Markto the party?

Remember that “might” is used to express possibility or uncertainty.

Uses of The Modal “Might”

We use the modal verb “might” in English for various reasons to express:

Possibility: We use “might” to indicate that something is possible or could happen, although there is uncertainty. For example:

#1It might rain later today.
#2She might be late for the meeting.

Permission or Polite Requests: “Might” can be used to seek permission or make polite requests. It is a more tentative and formal alternative to “may.” For example:

#1Might I borrow your pen, please?
#2Might I ask you a question?

Speculation or Guessing: “Might” is also used to speculate or make guesses about a situation when we are not certain. For example:

#1He might be at the library.
#2They might be at home

Suggesting or Offering Advice: “Might” can be used to make suggestions or offer advice in a polite manner. For example:

#1You might want to consider a different route.
#2You might ask for help

Conditional Sentences (Unreal Present or Future): In conditional sentences expressing unreal or unlikely present or future situations, “might” can be used in the subordinate clause. For example:

#1If I won the lottery, I might buy a new house.
#2If it stops raining, we might go for a walk.

Closed Questions with Might

These are some examples of closed questions with might

  • Might I see your credit card, please?
  • Might I recommend the grilled swordfish?
  • Might I remind you that this is a library?
  • Might I ask how you heard about our company?
  • Might this be the key?
  • Might I ask your name?
  • Might I interrupt you for a moment?
  • Might I ask for your address?
  • Might I ask you a question?
  • Might we ask you a question?
  • Might I just interrupt for a moment?
  • Might I borrow your pen?
  • Might I have a coffee?
  • Might I ask who has been invited to the party?
  • Might I ask the president a question?
  • Might I give you a piece of advice?
  • Might we speak to you for a moment?
  • Might my father come with us?
  • Might your grandfather do this?
  • Might she come back?

Open Questions with Might

These are some examples of open questions with might

  • What might happen?
  • Where might you live in ten years?
  • What might you do after class?
  • Who might win the race?
  • Who might become the next Twitch superstar?
  • What might get him angry?
  • Who might be hired?
  • When might you get a new job?
  • What might you do next weekend?
  • When might you get married?
  • What might you dream about tonight?
  • How much money might you spend next week?
  • Where might you go for your next holiday?

Conversation with Questions with Might

This is a short conversation that includes questions with might

JaredWhere are you going next week?
CarolinaI am going to Italy
JaredHow long are you gonna stay there?
CarolinaLike two weeks
JaredHow much money might you spend there?
CarolinaAround $500
JaredI thought you would spend more
CarolinaMy dad has a house in Italy

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