How to Tell the Time in English

How to Tell the Time in English

Formal Way

7:00 It is seven o’ clock
7:45It’s seven forty-five
8:00It is eight o’ clock
8:15It’s eight fifteen
9:00 It is nine o’ clock
9: 26It’s nine twenty six
10:00It is ten o’ clock
10:15It’s ten fifteen
11:00 It is eleven o’ clock
11:20It is eleven twenty
12:00 It is two o’ clock
12: 35 It is twelve fifteen
1:00 It is one o’ clock
1:15It is one fifteen
2:00It is two o’ clock
2:25It is two twenty five
3:00It is three o’ clock
3:50It is three Fifty
4:00 It is four o’ clock
4:15 It is four fifteen
5:00 It is five o’ clock
11: 40It is eleven Forty

Popular Way

Say the minutes first and then the hours.  

Example A

Use past and the preceding hour for minutes 01 through 30.

7:15It’s fifteen minutes past seven
7:30It’s half past seven
8:15It’s quarter past seven
8:30It is half past eight
9:20It’s twenty minutes past nine
9:30 It’s half past nine
10: 25It’s twenty five minutes past ten
10:30 It’s half past ten
11:30 It’s half past eleven
2:15 It’s quarter past two
2:30 It is half past two

Example B

Use to and the forthcoming hour for minutes 31 through 59

7:45It’s fifteen minutes to eight
8:45It’s a quarter to nine
1:40It’s twenty minutes to two
2:40It’s twenty to three
4:45It’s a quarter to five
5:45 It’s a quarter to six
6:45It ‘s a quarter to seven
6:50It’s ten to seven
7:45It is a quarter to eight

Prepositions used with Time

atI will meet you at 7
inWe will see you in an hour

How to Ask the Time in English

Excuse me. What time is it, please?
It’s exactly eight o’clock.
Excuse me. Do you have the time, please?It’s half past twelve.

Excuse me. Could you tell me the time, please?
It’s about half past eleven.
What time is itIt is ten past ten.
Do you know what time is it? It is 4:20
Do you happen to have the time? Sure, it is 3:00

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