Third Person Singular: Guide & Examples

Today we are going to learn more about the third-person singular through a series of simple steps

The first thing that we need to understand is that the third person singular is a topic that belongs to the simple present so everything we are studying today applies to that tense.

The pronouns in English are the following:

IFirst Person Singular
YouSecond Person Singular
WeFirst Person Plural
TheySecond Person Plural
HeThird Person Singular
SheThird Person Singular
ItThird Person Singular

The ones that we are going to focus on today are he, she and it since those three are the ones that belong to the third-person singular category

Third-Person Singular Conjugation

Now let’s check the conjugation of the verb work

I work in WalmartI make websites
You work at WalmartYou make websites
They work at WalmartWe make websites
She works at WalmartThey make websites
He works at WalmartShe makes websites
He works in WalmartHe makes websites
It works really wellIt makes sense

As you can see, something changes when we are conjugating the verbs using third-person pronouns

Not all the changes are done the same way so let’s check the rules to conjugate verbs in the third person.

Third Person Singular: Rules

We have three rules to create the third-person singular.

  • Sometimes you have to add an ‘s’
  • Sometimes you have to add an ‘es’
  • Sometimes you have to add an ‘ies’
  • and in some instances, you have an irregular ending

Third Person Singular: First Rule

The first rule requires that you add an “S” to the end of the verb

To wantShe wants
To playShe plays
To runHe runs
To makeShe makes
To createMaria creates
To prayShe prays

Third Person Singular: Second Rule

In some instances, you have to add an ‘es’ to the end of the verb

This happens when the verbs end in ss, sh, ch, x o z.

To watchShe watches TV
To fixMaria fixes cars
To catchThe cat catches mice
To missShe misses opportunities
To washHe washes his clothes
To FinishThe class finishes at 6

Third Person Singular: Third Rule

When the verbs en ‘Y’, You have to remove the ‘Y’ and add ‘ies’

To studyShe studies Business Administration
To flyShe flies to London every weekend
To cryHe cries every night

Third Person Singular: Fourth Rule

Sometimes you have verbs that don’t follow any patterns

To haveShe has a lot of work
To BeShe is at her office

Examples of Sentences with Verbs in the Third Person

These are some examples of the first-person and the third person

  • I fix computers
  • She fixes computers
  • I clean hacked sites
  • he cleans hacked sites
  • I provide technical support
  • She provides technical support
  • We check emails
  • She checks emails
  • They program in HTML
  • He programs in HTML
  • I create Facebook campaigns
  • She creates Facebook campaigns
  • You share information with clients
  • She shares information with customers

Third Person Singular: Negative Sentences

Remember that you don’t have to do anything when you make sentences with third-person pronouns

These are some examples of negative sentences

  • She creates projects
  • She doesn’t create projects
  • She takes calls
  • She doesn’t take calls
  • He has meetings
  • He doesn’t have meetings
  • He writes code
  • He doesn’t write code
  • He spends his days off coding
  • Does he spend his days off coding?

Third Person Singular: Questions

Remember that you don’t have to do anything when you make questions with the third-person pronouns

  • He writes programs
  • Does he write programs?
  • He manages a company
  • Does he manage a company?
  • He sells products online
  • Does he sell products online
  • He watches streams on Twitch
  • Does he watch streams on Twitch?
  • He follows Scammer Payback on Youtube
  • Does he follow scammer payback on YouTube?

Video: Third-Person Singular Rules and Examples

This is a good video that summarizes the information that we have covered so far

Third Person Singular Exercise

It is time to practice what you have learned

Summary: Third Person Singular

Pay attention to this and remembers the structures

AffirmativeShe doesn’t work at Walmart
NegativeDoes she work at Walmart
QuestionsDoes she work in Walmart

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