Means of Transportation in English

Means of Transportation in English

Transport or transportation is the movement of humans, animals and goods from one location to another.

In other words the action of transportation is defined as a particular movement of an organism or thing from a point A to the Point B. 

Modes of Transport include 

  • Air
  •  Land (rail and road)
  •  Water
  •  Cable
  •  Pipeline 
  •  Space.

Types of Means of Transport

These are the different types of means of transportation with definition and examples

Road Transport

People travelling on the road are either pedestrians, cyclists or they are using a certain type of vehicle, such as automobiles, bicycles, buses, vans or trucks.

Rail transport

This includes all transport over rails. This can be either for passenger or goods transport, and with different modes of transport, such as trains, metro and trams.

Water Transport

Water transport or Ship transport is watercraft carrying people (passengers) or goods (cargo).

Air Transport

Air transport includes all transport through the air. In an urban or regional context this air transport includes local air traffic such as small airplanes or helicopters

Public Transport

Public transport is passenger transport which is publicly available. This can furthermore be distinguished in collective and individual transport.

Examples of collective public transport are transport by buses, tram metro, train and plane.

Means of Transportation Vocabulary List

This a list with the most common Means of Transportation Vocabulary:

1. Ferry14.  Race car27. Camper 
2. Car15.  Subway28. Catamaran
3. Bike16. Boat29. Train
4.  Truck17.  Scooter30. Tow truck
5.  propeller plane18.  Skateboard31. Cruiser
6.  Jeep19.  Rocket32. Delivery truck
7.  Motorcycle20.  Submarine33. Glider
8. Golf cart21.  Taxi34. Garbage Truck
9.  Helicopter22.  Bullet train35. Kayak 
10. Hot air  balloon23.  Van36. Yacht
11.  Canoe24.   Zeppelin37. Snowmobile
12. Train25. Ambulance38. Sailboat
13. Plane26.  Tank39. ship

Verbs to Talk about Transport

These are some of the most common verbs to talk about means of transportation in English.

catch I have to catch a bus and I am late
DriveI am going to drive my car to the service stations
RideShe is riding her new motorcycle
Get onI have to get on this bus, I can’t wait any longer
Get offWe will be getting off the train at the next stop
Get in We need to get in the taxi right now
Get outLet’s get out of the car

Transportation Conversation Questions

These are 27 Transportation Conversation Questions divided in three sections

Transportation Conversation Questions: Part 1

  1. Do you know  how to drive  a car?
  2. Do you know how to ride a motorcycle / Bicycle?
  3. Do you remember your first bicycle? can you describe it?
  4. Have you ever gotten a ticket / fine?
  5. How old were you when you learned how to ride a bicycle?
  6. Do you have a driver’s license? How do you get it?
  7. Do you have a car?
  8. How often do you use public transportation?
  9. Have you ever had an accident? Have you ever been in an accident?

Transportation Conversation Questions: Part 2

  1. Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket?
  2. Do you always wear a seatbelt when you get in a car?
  3. What do you think about carpooling to work?
  4. What’s your opinion about services like UBER?
  5. Is parking a problem in your city?
  6. Have you ever flown to another country?
  7. What transportation problems are there in your country?
  8. What will the transportation of the future be like?
  9. What form of transport is worst for the environment?

Transportation Conversation Questions: Part 3

  1. What are the pros and cons of using public transport?
  2. Do you have a smartphone app to call a taxi, such as Uber?
  3. How do you get to school/University/work?
  4. Is traffic a serious problem in your city? What do you usually do when you are stuck in a traffic jam?
  5. What skills do you need to practise to pass the driving test in your country?
  6. Did you pass your test first time? What do you find most difficult about driving?
  7. Do you think your city has good public transportation?
  8. Do you think a motorcycle rider should be required to wear a helmet?
  9. Have you ever missed your last train or bus home?

Dialogue about Means of Transportation

Situation:  Tom is talking to Mary about his trip plan for a week.

Tom: I’m going to Liberia next week.  
Mary: How are you traveling?  
Tom: By plane.  It’s more expensive, but it’s the fastest way to get there.
Liberia has a modern international airport.  
Mary: That’s interesting.  Why do you want to go there?  
Tom:Because Liberia has everything:  nice weather, warm people and the most beautiful beaches are very near, around the Papagayo Gulf.  You can go to the beaches by bus or you can rent a car.  
Mary: Where did you get that information?  
Tom: On the Internet.  
Mary: I’m sure you’ll have a great time.  
Tom: I know I will.

Means of Transportation Exercises

Read  each one of  the sentences  and try to guess the mean of transporation that the sentence refers to.

  1. This means of transportation is used to go to space:_______________
  2. Two examples of two-wheeled vehicles are ______________ and _____________
  3. This means of transport  is capable of going underwater:_________________
  4. This means of transport is used exclusively to transport injured people:_____________
  5. This is used to move damaged vehicles:___________
  6. This is used to collect municipal solid waste:______________
  7. This is used for winter travel and recreation:______________
  8. It is moved by pushing with one foot while the other remains on the board:_____________
  9. an automobile built or modified for racing:_____________
  10. Vehicles  specialized to deliver different types of goods:_____________
  11. A small vehicle created to carry golfers:_____________
  12. Vehicle that provides both transport and sleeping accommodation:_______________
  13. Vehicle for hire with a driver:___________
  14. armored fighting vehicle designed for front-line combat:______________
  15. this aircraft is capable of moving vertically and horizontally:______________

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