Grammar Lessons: Too and Enough

Definitions: Too and Enough

Too: It is used before adjectives and adverbs to mean ‘more than is allowed, necessary, possible, etc.

Enough: as much as or more than is wanted


Adverb + Enough

  1. I have been working hard enough

Enough + Noun

In these sentences you can see how that we place a noun after the word enough

  1. I have enough time to finish my work
  2. Do you have enough money to afford a new car?
  3. I don’t have enough confidence to talk to her
  4. Are there enough eggs to make an omelette?
  5. Richard has enough talent to become a professional surfer?

Adjective + Enough

In these sentences you can see how we place an adjective before the word enough

  1. She is not old enough to drink alcohol
  2. That teacher is strict enough
  3. I will never be rich enough
  4. He is not tall enough to play basketball.
  5. You are good enough to have a conversation in English


We use too for different reasons:

  1. Give reasons you don’t want to do things. (  I can’t help you, it was too early)
  2. Make complaints (The food was too dry)

Too + Adjective

In these sentences you can see how we place the word ‘too’ before adjectives

  1. I was too shy to talk to her
  2. The water was too cold to shower
  3. He was too sick to go to school
  4. You are too young to understand
  5. I am too hungry to concentrate

Too + Adverb

In these sentences you can see how we place the word ‘too’ before adverbs

  1. He drives too recklessly
  2. He played too slowly
  3. He is driving too fast

Too and Enough Exercises

These are some exercises that will help you see the difference between too and enough

  1. Too and Enough Exercise 101
  2. Too and Enough Exercise 102
  3. Too and Enough English Quiz
  4. Too and Enough Exercises
  5. Too and Enough Exercises and Worksheets
  6. Too or Enough Exercises ESL Grammar Worksheet
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