Grammar Lessons: Prefixes and Suffixes

Most Common Prefixes and Suffixes


a-, an-without, lack of, not atheist
ante-before, earlier, in front of antecedent, 
anti-against, opposite of antibody
auto-self, sameautopilot
circum-around, aboutcircumscribe
co-with, togetherco-pilot
com-, con-together, withcompanion, 
contra-, contro-against, oppositecontradict
de-down, off, away fromdevalue, deactivate,
dis-not, apart, awaydisappear
en-put into, cover withenclose
ex-out of, from, formerextract, ex-president
extra-beyond, outside, extracurricular
hetero-different, otherheterosexual
homo-, homeo-same, alikehomosexual
hyper-over, more, beyondhyperactive
il-, im-, in-, ir-not, withoutillegal, immoral
in-in, intoinsert
inter-between, amonginterstellar
intra-, intro-within, inside introvert
macro-large, prominentmacrocosm
micro-very smallmicroscope
mono-one, single, alonemonogamy,
non-not, withoutnonaggressive
omni-all, everyomniscient
post-after, behindpostmortem
pre-, pro-before, forwardprecede
sub-under, lowersubmarine
sym-, syn-same time, togethersymmetry
tele- over a distancetelecommunications
trans-across, beyondtransmit, transaction
tri-three, every thirdtricycle, trimester
un- opposite ofunfinished, unskilled, 
uni-one, singleunicorn
up-higher/betterupgrade, upload


eerengaged in somethingvolunteer, engineer
-ersomeone who performs an actionhelper, preacher
-ion the action or process ofcelebration, opinion
-ity the state or condition ofprobability, equality
-ment the action or result ofmovement
-nessa state or qualityfondness, awareness
-or a person who is somethingdistributor
-sionstate or beingdepression, confusion
-ship position heldworship, ownership
-th state or qualitystrength, labyrinth


Watch this short video about prefixes and suffixes

Most common prefixes and suffixes and what they mean : Most common prefixes and suffixes

Review flashcards about prefixes and its meaning  using quizlet

Review Flashcard about suffixes and its meaning using quizlet

Check some examples using this quizlet set


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Download Worksheet here

You can also practice more  by clicking  Less and Full worksheet


Students can choose some  words from the list and exercises and make some sentences

  1. ______________________________________________________________________
  2. _______________________________________________________________________
  3. _______________________________________________________________________
  4. _______________________________________________________________________
  5. _______________________________________________________________________
  6. _______________________________________________________________________

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