Grammar Lessons: Prefixes and Suffixes

Prefixes and Suffixes

Most Common Prefixes and Suffixes


a-, an-without, lack of, not atheist
ante-before, earlier, in front of antecedent, 
anti-against, opposite of antibody
auto-self, sameautopilot
circum-around, aboutcircumscribe
co-with, togetherco-pilot
com-, con-together, withcompanion, 
contra-, contro-against, oppositecontradict
de-down, off, away fromdevalue, deactivate,
dis-not, apart, awaydisappear
en-put into, cover withenclose
ex-out of, from, formerextract, ex-president
extra-beyond, outside, extracurricular
hetero-different, otherheterosexual
homo-, homeo-same, alikehomosexual
hyper-over, more, beyondhyperactive
il-, im-, in-, ir-not, withoutillegal, immoral
in-in, intoinsert
inter-between, amonginterstellar
intra-, intro-within, inside introvert
macro-large, prominentmacrocosm
micro-very smallmicroscope
mono-one, single, alonemonogamy,
non-not, withoutnonaggressive
omni-all, everyomniscient
post-after, behindpostmortem
pre-, pro-before, forwardprecede
sub-under, lowersubmarine
sym-, syn-same time, togethersymmetry
tele- over a distancetelecommunications
trans-across, beyondtransmit, transaction
tri-three, every thirdtricycle, trimester
un- opposite ofunfinished, unskilled, 
uni-one, singleunicorn
up-higher/betterupgrade, upload


eerengaged in somethingvolunteer, engineer
-ersomeone who performs an actionhelper, preacher
-ion the action or process ofcelebration, opinion
-ity the state or condition ofprobability, equality
-ment the action or result ofmovement
-nessa state or qualityfondness, awareness
-or a person who is somethingdistributor
-sionstate or beingdepression, confusion
-ship position heldworship, ownership
-th state or qualitystrength, labyrinth


Watch this short video about prefixes and suffixes

Most common prefixes and suffixes and what they mean : Most common prefixes and suffixes

Review flashcards about prefixes and its meaning  using quizlet

Review Flashcard about suffixes and its meaning using quizlet

Check some examples using this quizlet set


Download Worksheet here

You can also practice more  by clicking  Less and Full worksheet


Students can choose some  words from the list and exercises and make some sentences

  1. _________________________________________________________________________
  2. _________________________________________________________________________
  3. _________________________________________________________________________
  4. _________________________________________________________________________
  5. _________________________________________________________________________
  6. _________________________________________________________________________
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