Grammar Lessons: How to Use Gerunds

How to Use Gerunds

How to Use Gerunds

Gerunds are words that are formed with verbs but act as nouns.

The Gerund as the Subject of a Sentence

  1. Gambling is a very dangerous occupation.
  2. Flying makes me nervous.
  3. Gardening is my favorite hobby.
  4. Running  is good exercise.
  5. Playing soccer is good for your health

The Gerund as a Subject complement

  1. One of life’s pleasures is having breakfast in bed.
  2. My favorite pastime is reading books
  3. Something that I hate is working long hours
  4. All I have been doing is watching TV
  5. One of the things I do is exercising

The Gerund After Prepositions

  • Can you sneeze without opening your mouth?
  • She is good at painting.
  • Leslie got into trouble for talking to Sarah.
  • Brush you teeth before going to bed.
  • Call my mom after doing the laundry

The Gerund After Phrasal Verbs

  • When will you give up smoking?
  • She always puts off going to the dentist.
  • Tom looked into finding a new apartment.
  • She took a long time to get over losing her mom
  • I am going to quit drinking

The Gerund in Compound Nouns

  • I am giving Sally a driving lesson.
  • They have a swimming pool in their back yard.
  • I am taking singing lessons
  • I bought some new running shoes.
  • She has a dancing lesson.

The Gerund After Some Expressions

  • She couldn’t help falling in love with him.
  • can’t stand being stuck in traffic jams.
  • When I came in they stopped talking.
  • I enjoy Cooking with my mom
  • I love playing soccer