How to Talk about Facilities in English

Let’s learn how to talk about Facilities and Services .

A facility is defined as a  placeincluding buildings, where a particular activity happens.

For example:

  • A Sport Facility
  • A Military Facility

You can also speak in general about facilities:

  • The University Facilities
  • The Shopping Facilities
  • The Sport Facilities
  • The Healthcare Facilities.

Let’s check these sentences including the word facilities:

  • The sport facility will open next May.
  • The hotel offers exceptional sporting facilities.
  • The university has training facilities.
  • The new mall has recreational facilities.
  • The Community center has the best facilities in town.
  • The city has modern sport facilities.
  • The new facilities are open to the public.

#1 Verbs to Describe Facilities

There are many verbs to describe facilities in English


So you can say:

  • The medical facilities are modern
  • The new university facilities are modern and spacious
  • The hotel facilities can be described as luxurious
  • The new university campus is huge

#2 Places around Town

When you talk about facilities in English, you can reveal more about these by mentioning the places nearby.

For example:

  • The hotel is close to a residential area.
  • There are medical facilities near the university.
  • The university is five minutes away from the Airport.
  • There is a fitness center near the hospital facilities.
  • The nursing home is across the hospital
  • The casinos are behind the sport facilities
  • The gym is located by the central park.
  • There are banks nearby

Remember that we use nearby when we already the subject we are talking about. For example.

  • What places are there around?
  • There is a chain of restaurants nearby

#3 Questions about Facilities

These are some examples of questions that you can make when you talk about facilities.

You can ask all sort of questions regarding:

Air conditioningRooms
Parking lotRecreation area
AuditoriumConference Center
Places NearbyLocations

These are some examples of questions that you can make:

  • Where is the gym located? :
  • The Gym is located by the central park
  • Are there any banks around here?
  • Yes , There are two banks around here
  • Is there a drugstore nearby? 
  • Yes ,There is one by the park.
  • Does the company have an auditorium?
  • No, It doesn’t
  • Does the Company have free Wifi?
  • Yes, it does, the password is love1234
  • Can you tell me where the cafeteria is ?
  • It is on the second floor, next to the recreational area.
  • What does the cafeteria offer?
  • The cafeteria offers a variety of snacks
  • Can I have some information about the company?
  • The company  is located in Alajuela and it has excellent facilities , it has a copy center and a computer lab.
  • Does the company have a website?
  • Yes it does, the company’s website is
  • Does the company have a computer lab?
  • Yes, it does, actually  it has three computer labs

#4 Questions about Companies

These are some questions that you can ask about a company

1.   What’s your company name?
2.   Does the company have a website? What’s the company website?
3.  Does the company have a social media presence? What social networks do they use?
4.   Where is the company located?
5.  What goods or services does your company offer?
6.   What places are located near your company?
7.  What days are they open?
8. Can you describe your company facilities?

#5 Facilities in Detail

When we talk about facilities in English, we have to talk about the specifics, what we can find inside of them.

Let’s check this example:


Welcome to the UTN university, the University is located near the center of Liberia. The University facilities are inside the mall.

In the UTN, you can find several classroom equipped with air conditioning, video beam and smart whiteboards.

There are a couple of computer labs. You can access the internet by connecting to the university network.

Outside of the UTN, you can find clothing stores and places to eat.


The Panoramic Hotel is a modern and elegant 4-star hotel ideal for romantic holidays

The spaces of the Panoramic Hotel are new, bright and welcoming.

Here, in the summer days, our bar serves typical Sicilian dishes, snack and salads.

The Bella beach awaits you with sun beds and umbrellas and areas of free access to a clean, transparent sea.

Telephony services , Wi-fi internet, breakfast and reception open 24 hours a day will also be available.