Grammar Lessons: Tag Questions

Tag Questions

Question tags are the short questions that we put on the end of sentences – particularly in spoken English.

There are lots of different question tags but the rules are not difficult to learn.

Question Tags with Present Tenses

positive statement is followed by a negative question tag.

negative statement is followed by a positive question tag.

TensesQuestion Tag
Simple PresentYou have money, don’t you?
Simple PresentShe has money, doesn’t she?
Verb to beShe is beautiful, isn’t she?
Present ProgressiveShe is cleaning, isn’t she?
Present ProgressiveYou aren’t coming, are you?
Present PerfectYou have done this, haven’t you?
Present PerfectShe hasn’t called you, has she?

Question Tags with Past Tenses

TensesQuestion Tag
Simple PastYou had money, didn’t you?
Simple PastShe had money, didn’t she?
Verb to beShe was beautiful, wasn’t she?
Past ProgressiveShe was cleaning, wasn’t she?
Past ProgressiveYou weren’t cleaning, weren’t you?
Past PerfectYou had done this, had you?
Present PerfectShe hadn’t called you, hadshe?

Questions Tags with Future Tenses

TenseQuestions Tags
Future with willYou will come, won’t you?
Future with willHe won’t study, Will he?
Future ContinuousHe won’t be studying tonight, will he?
Future ContinuousHe will be studying, will he?

Tag Questions Exercises

Now that you understand more about questions tags, try to work on these exercises

  1. You are american,__________________
  2. She doesn’t like playing soccer,______________
  3. He makes cakes every morning,______________
  4. She will play for our team,___________________
  5. You are a university student, ________________
  6. You have been to Italy,_____________________
  7. We haven’t met before_____________________


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