Grammar Lessons: Simple Present vs. Present Continuous

Simple Present vs. Present Continuous

Simple Present

We use the present simple tense when we  talk about

  1.  Habits or routines that don’t change. ( I always drink Coffee)
  2. Permanent Situations ( I live in Norway)
  3. Things that are always true. ( Water boils at 100 degrees)

Present Continuous

We use the present continuous to talk about actions which are:

  1. Temporary Situations ( I am living in Norway at the moment)
  2. Happening at the moment ( Water is boiling)
  3. New Habits ( I am drinking too much coffee)

Examples: Simple Present vs Present Continuous

Simple PresentPresent Continuous
I speakI am speaking
You drive a carYou are driving a car
He plays every dayHe is playing soccer
She watches TVShe is watching TV
We live hereWe are living in Alaska
They listen to musicThey are listening to Coldplay

Signal Words

Simple PresentPresent Progressive
AlwaysAt the moment
UsuallyAt this moment
SometimesRight Now
  • Simple Present: Sometimes I clean my room
  • Present Progressive: I am cleaning my room right now
  • Simple Present: I usually watch movies on Netflix
  • Present Progressive:  I am watching a Netflix movie at this moment

Verbs not Used in the Present Continuous

LikeI like to watch movies
LoveI love running
Want I want to watch a movie
KnowI know what you are talking about
UnderstandI don’t undertand what you are saying
Remember I remember playing with my friends
Prefer I prefer running instead of jogging
HateI hate playing chess
DependShe depends on me
BelieveI believe you are watching too much Netflix
ForgetI forgot to bring the grammar book

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