60 Sentences with Have and Has


In this post, you will learn how to make sentences with have and has including questions and negative sentences

We use have and has to make all kind of sentences and questions using the simple past, present perfect and present perfect progressive

Simple PastI have another credit card
Simple PastShe has many friends
Present PerfectI have been to Italy
Present PerfectShe has paid all the bills
Present Perfect ProgressiveI have been resting all day long
Present Perfect ProgressiveShe has been studying hard

Continue reading so you can make sentences with have and has using different tenses in English

Use of the Verb ‘Have’

Have is an irregular verb and these are its three forms to make sentences and questions with all tenses in English

BaseHave / Has
Past ParticipleHad

 These are some of the common uses of the verb ‘have’

Things that we own or possessI have a car
Events, actions, experiences and activitiesI had a party
Eating foods and mealsI had a coffee
Days of part of daysI had a beautiful day
Conversation and InteractionsI need to have a word with you
Accidents and problems with carsThey had a crash
SleepingI had a good night’s sleep
TravelHave a safe trip

Have and has are used with the past participle of other verbs to make sentences with the present perfect and past perfect.

  • I have played soccer
  • She has adopted children
  • We have had many issues with him

Sentences with Have and Has: Simple Present

These are some sentences with have and has using the simple present. The first sentence show possession.

  • I have a car
  • I have a dog
  • I have a computer
  • She has a boyfriend
  • She has a girlfriend
  • She has three dogs

These are some negative sentences with the verb have

  • He doesn’t have seven cats
  • He doesn’t have a degree in English teaching
  • He doesn’t have a red car
  • We don’t have an extra computer
  • We don’t have a lot of money
  • We don’t have a spare tire

These sentences show that you have to do something

  • They have to fo to school
  • They have to study for the exam
  • They have to play harder
  • We have to rent another car
  • We have to spend more time with the kids
  • We have to send the birthday invitations

Sentences with Have and Has: Present Perfect

These ares some examples with sentences with have and has using the Present Perfect.

  • I have been here before
  • I have stayed in the hotel before
  • I have spent my weekends with my family
  • I have caught many criminals over the years
  • She has rented a car
  • She has made a cake for the birthday party
  • She has collected many letters over the years
  • She had found really good talent visiting small leagues
  • He has called me
  • He has said similar things in the past
  • He has solved many problems in the past

Pay careful attention to these sentences which use the two meaning of the verb have.

  • We have had many opportunities
  • We have had a lot of free time
  • We have had many problems over the years

Questions and Answers with Have and Has

These are some questions and answers with have and has

  • Do you have a dog?
  • I have two dogs
  • Do you have to run every day?
  • Yes, I am preparing for a Marathon
  • Do you have to do your homework?
  • Don’t worry, I can do that later
  • Have you had any issues?
  • I solved as many tickets as I could
  • Have you been to Norway?
  • I have been to Norway a few times over the past two years
  • Have you applied for that job?
  • I have applied several times
  • Have you spent time in Costa Rica?
  • Yes, I spend all my summers there
  • Have you visited your grandma?
  • I visited my grandma the other day, she is fine
  • Have you seen a ghost?
  • I don’t believe in paranormal stuff
  • When are you going to have your first baby?
  • Probably in three years

Conversation Questions with Have

These are some examples of conversation questions with have

  • Would you like to have a shower?
  • Would you like to have a baby?
  • Would you like to have a new car
  • Did you have vacations last year?
  • Did you have a good time on your last birthday?
  • Did you have a birthday party ?
  • Have you ever had a surgery?
  • Have you ever suffered an accident?
  • Have you ever been to a foreign country?
  • Have you ever had feeling for a good friend?
  • When are you going to have a baby?
  • Are you going to have vacations anytime soon?
  • Are you going to have a new hairstyle?

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