Questions with When: Guide & Examples

Published on July 19, 2021 | Updated on March 28, 2024

Questions with where are pretty common, they are part of every conversation, they could be simple or complex.

Questions with when can be made with different tenses in English such as the past and present simple

#1When did she left?
#2When does the bus arrive?

These are examples of questions with where that you can use to understand the structure of such questions and as discussion questions in the classroom

Questions with When using Modals

This is a list of questions with when using modals

  • When can I see you?
  • When must you leave?
  • When can I speak to your boss?
  • When should we leave this place?
  • When can I get a raise?
  • When should we tell the truth?
  • When should we start charging?
  • When can I apply for a visa?
  • When can I start working here?
  • When should we do something about this?
  • When can I withdraw my money?
  • When may I see the doctor now?
  • When can I start exercising again?
  • When can I start running again?
  • When should I take the medicine?

Questions with When using Past Tenses

This is a list of questions with when using past tenses

  • When did you arrive?
  • When did you see her?
  • When did she sign the document?
  • When did you buy this car?
  • When did you deposit the money?
  • When did you come back from Norway?
  • When did you see her last?
  • When did you start this business?
  • When were you born?
  • When did you finish your work?
  • When did you start your YouTube Channel?
  • When were you in the U.S.?
  • When did she leave for France?
  • When did they open this business?
  • When did they get fired?

Questions with When using Present Tenses

This is a list of questions with when using present tenses

  • When is your birthday?
  • When is your exam?
  • When is the test?
  • When is the class?
  • When is checkout time? 
  • When does the show start?
  • When do you play tennis?
  • When do the shops open?
  • When is his birthday?
  • When is the field trip?
  • When is their anniversary?
  • When does the party start?
  • When does your flight leave?
  • When do they get married?
  • When are the banks open?

Questions with When using Future Tenses

This is a list of questions with when using future tenses

  • When is he coming home?
  • When are we leaving?
  • When are you leaving?
  • When are you going on holiday?
  • When are you going to check out?
  • When will that happen?
  • When will the box arrive?
  • When will you be home?
  • When will he be arriving?
  • When will you arrive?
  • When will we meet the boss?
  • When will they be able to finish the task?
  • When will the children leave?
  • When will he finish his work in the kitchen?
  • When are we going to arrive home?
  • When will you publish the book?
  • When will upload a new YouTube video?
  • When will you know the result of the exam?

Sentences with When

We can also make sentences with when

  1. My father wants me to go back to London when my holiday ends.
  2. She asked me when I would be ready to start the job.
  3. I wonder when the new computers will arrive.
  4. Nobody spoke when she came into the room.

Questions and When

These are some examples of questions with where and their answers

  • When will you arrive?
  • I will arrive 20 minutes past two
  • When will the box arrive?
  • Probably next Tuesday
  • When is the test?
  • The test is tomorrow at 6
  • When did you buy this car?
  • I bought this car four years ago
  • When does the class finish?
  • The class finishes in 40 minutes
  • When do you play tennis?
  • I play Tennis once or twice a week on the weekends

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