Questions with Where: Guide & Examples

Questions with where are questions that help us learn about the place or position of someone or something.

These are some examples of questions with where:

  • Where does she live?
  • Where are my car keys?
  • Where is the nearest gas station located?
  • Where is the nearest ATM located?
  • Where can I find a good Italian restaurant in this area?

Questions with were can be made using different tenses in English

In this post, you will find lots of examples of questions with “where” using past, present, and future tenses in English

Questions with Where and Modals

These are some questions with modals

  • Where can I buy a couple of drinks
  • Where can I park here?
  • Where should I meet you?
  • Where should we meet?
  • Where should I go?
  • Where can we meet today?
  • Where would you like to go?
  • Where would you like to eat?
  • Where would you like to go shopping?
  • Could you tell me where you were at 2 PM yesterday?
  • Where should I go to see a concert?
  • Where would you recommend going for a weekend getaway?

Questions with Where and Present Tenses

These are some questions with “where” and present tenses such as the simple present, present perfect, and present continuous

  • Where is the bathroom?
  • Where are you from?
  • Where do you live?
  • Where do you study?
  • Where do you work?
  • Where does she work?
  • Where do you play soccer?
  • Where do your parents live now?
  • Where are your parents coming from?
  • Where have you lived?
  • Where have you studied?
  • Where have you worked?
  • Where have you worked before?
  • Where are you going?
  • Where are you meeting them?
  • Where have you been?
  • Where have you been working?

Questions with Where and Past Tenses

These are some questions with where and past tenses such as the simple past and the past continuous

  • Where did you say your house is?
  • Where did you live?
  • Where did you study?
  • Where did he study?
  • Where were you born?
  • Where were you last night?
  • Where did your family go on vacation last year?
  • Where did you grow up?
  • Where did they say they were coming from?
  • Where did you go?
  • Where did you hide my money?
  • Where did you have the meeting?
  • Where did you say you’re going?
  • Where did you park your car?
  • Where were they going?

Questions with Where and Future Tenses

These are some questions with where and future tenses

  1. Where will you go?
  2. Where will you study?
  3. Where will you be giving your speech?
  4. Where will your friends be going camping this summer?
  5. Where will you be working next year?
  6. Where will they be going for their vacation?
  7. Where will I find you?
  8. Where will you go for your holidays?
  9. Where will you sit?
  10. Where are you going to go?
  11. Where are you planning to go on vacation this year?

Questions and Answers

These are some questions with where and their answers

  • Where do you want to go?
  • I want to go to the movies
  • Where is your house?
  • My house is like two miles from here
  • Where will you sit?
  • I will sit next to Adriana
  • Where will you be working next year?
  • I will be working in the university
  • Where will you study?
  • I am planning to study at home
  • Where did you park your car?
  • I parked my car around the corner
  • Where did you hide my money?
  • A place I cannot reveal
  • Where did you get all that crypto from?
  • I bought it on different exchanges
  • Where do you usually go running?
  • I go to a sport center like two miles from here
  • Where do you want to travel to?
  • I would like to visit Spain, France and Andorra on my next vacations

More Examples in English

I hope that you have found these lists of questions with where useful.

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