Some and Any : Difference and Exercises

Published on November 10, 2020 | Updated on June 20, 2024

Some and Any are used with Plural Countables and Uncountable Nouns

Countable nouns are those that refer to something that can be counted:

For example:


An uncountable nouns are those that refers to things that normally are not or cannot be counted:

For Example


Video about the Difference Between Some and Any

This is a video that explains the difference between some and Any

How to use Some

We use some for affirmative sentences and questions with plural and uncountable nouns.

Check the following information to understand it better.

Some with Plural Countable Nouns

These are some example of affirmative statements using plural countables

  • I will buy some books for you.
  • She has some cellphones that she wants to show you.
  • I will try to get some friends to help us out.
  • She is gonna buy some backpacks for the kids.
  • I have some students who want to meet you

These are examples of questions using plural countable nouns

  1. is she going to buy some books for you?
  2. Does she have some cellphones to sell?
  3. Will she try to get some friends to help us out?
  4. Can you buy some fans for the summer camp?

Some with Uncountable Nouns

These are some example of sentences amde with some + uncountable nouns

  • She has some information for your mother.
  • He has some time to speak to you 
  • I will bring some water.
  • You look thirsty. Have some water.
  • Have some cake… it’s delicious!

These are some examples of question using some + uncountable nouns

  • Does she have some information for your mother?
  • Does he have some time to speak to me?
  • Will she bring some water for us?
  • Would you like some soda?
  • Can I have some chicken?
  • Can I have some more coffee?
  • Could you give me some help with this?

Remember that some is not used to:

  1. Affirmative sentences with singular countable nouns
  2. Questions with singular countable nouns
  3. Negative Statements

How to Use Any

We use Any for  negative statements and questions with uncountable and plural countable nouns.

Any with Uncountable Nouns

These are some questions with any with uncountable nouns
  1. Do you have any money?
  2. Does she have any new information?
  3. Did you bring any help?
These are some negative sentences with any uncountable nouns
  1. She doesn’t have any money
  2. She didn’t give us any new information
  3. You didn’t bring any help

Any with Plural Countable Nouns

These are some examples of questions with any and plural countable nouns

  1. Do you have any children?
  2. Do you know any famous people?
  3. Do you play any sports?
  4. Does she have any plans to visit the museum tomorrow morning?

These are some examples of negative statements with any and countable nouns

  1. I don’t have any children
  2. He doesn’t have any plans to talk to you today
  3. I don’t know any famous people
  4. I don’t play any sports
  5. She doesn’t have any friends
  6. I didn’t see any colleagues at the party

Any with Affirmative Sentences

As a general rule, we use SOME in affirmative sentences and ANY in interrogative and negative sentences.

However  ANY can be used in affirmative statement to say that it is not important which specific individual item is referred to

  1. Pick any design that you want
  2. Press any key
  3. She can talk on any topic
  4. You can take any book you like, I’ve got many
  5. You can go any day you want, It is always open

Some and Any Exercises

These are some exercises to help you learn more about how to use Some and Any in sentences and questions

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