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Published on May 7, 2022 | Updated on June 20, 2024

A language is a system of communication which consists of a set of sounds and written symbols which are used by the people of a particular country or region for talking or writing.

We know at least one language and some people try to speak more than one since Learning a language is a complex, time-intensive task that requires dedication, persistence, and hard work.

These are some of the benefits of learning languages:

  • Enhanced Problem Solving Skills
  • Improved Verbal and Spatial Abilities
  • Improved Memory Function (long & short-term)
  • Enhanced Creative Thinking Capacity
  • Better Memory
  • More Flexible and Creative Thinking
  • Improved Attitude Toward the Target Language and Culture

Now let’s check some of the best questions about languages to have a interesting conversation in the classroom

Questions about Languages

This is the first set of questions about languages

  1. What is the most beautiful language in the world?
  2. What language would you like to learn?
  3. What three languages would you really like to speak?
  4. What languages are you studying?
  5. What is the most useful language in the world to know?
  6. Which do you think is the most difficult language to learn?
  7. What do you think about the languages that are dying?
  8. How would the world be if we all spoke a common language?

This is the second set of questions about languages

  1. How many languages do you speak fluently?
  2. Is English important for an individual in your country?
  3. Does your country have more than official language?
  4. What language is spoken the most in your country?
  5. What language do the neighboring countries of where you live speak?
  6. Do you know anyone who is bilingual or multilingual?
  7. Is it rude to speak your own language around people who can’t understand?
  8. How much of a barrier do you think language is?

This is the third set of questions about languages

  1. What can you achieve after three months studying a language?
  2. Do you see any benefits in learning three or more languages?
  3. Do you think that you have to adopt the culture of the people whose language you are learning?
  4. Would you like to move to other countries to learn languages faster?
  5. Have you become friends with someone to practice a language you are trying to learn?
  6. Do you think that you can learn a language faster by listening to music?
  7. Do you think that you can learn a language faster by watching movies and TV Shows?

Questions about Languages in School

There are some questions about languages in school

  1. Do you think all people should be required to study the same foreign language?
  2. Do you think all people should be required to study English?
  3. Did you take language classes when you were in school?
  4. What language classes did you take when you were in school?
  5. Do you enjoy studying grammar?
  6. Do you like to study reading, writing, speaking and listening?
  7. What skills is the most difficult to learn when learning a new language?
  8. What skills is the easiest to learn when learning a new language?

This is the second set of language classes questions

  1. Do you use a dictionary when studying a new language?
  2. What apps do you use to study languages?
  3. Can you recommend any language websites?
  4. Are you a proficient English speaker?
  5. Did you get good grades when you were in language classes?
  6. Do you prefer learning languages in a class or individually?
  7. How much time do you spend actively learning per day/week?
  8. What advice can you give to new language learners?

Manuel Campos

Manuel Campos

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