Beach Conversation Questions

Nothing says summer like a trip to the beach. Beach vacations are the classic family vacation, but they’re also great for romantic getaways, trips with friends, or even solo trips.

Going to the beach bring benefits such as:

  • It lowers stress
  • It lifts your mood
  • There are plenty opportunities to exercise

Now let’s check a great list of questions about the beach to have a good conversation with your classmates, friends and family members.

Beach Conversation Questions

This is the first set of conversation questions about your last trip to the beach

  • When was the last time you went to the beach?
  • What beach did you go to?
  • Who did you go to the beach with?
  • Did you go with your family and friends?
  • What did you do on your last trip?
  • Did you swim?
  • Did you play any sports?
  • How much money did you spend on your last trip?
  • How much time did you spend there?
  • Did you enjoy your last trip?
  • Did you suntan?

This is the second set of questions about your habits when you go to the beach

  • What beaches do you usually go to?
  • What do you like to find in the beaches you visit?
  • How do you keep your belonging safe while you are swimming?
  • What do you wear to the beach?
  • Do you drink beers when you go to the beach?
  • What do you usually eat and drink when you go to the beach?
  • Do you always wear sunscreen?
  • Do you play any sports when you go to the beach?
  • are you afraid of sharks or other sea life?
  • Do you collect sea shells?
  • Do you prefer a calm beach?
  • Do you listen to music when you go to the beach?
  • What music do you usually when you are laying on the sand?
  • Do you read books when you sit in the shade?
  • What do you hate the most about beach trips?
  • Do you like walking on the beach?

This is the third set of questions about experiences you or a person you know have had during beach trip

  • Have you ever lost something valuable during a beach trip?
  • Have you ever surfed?
  • Have you ever made new friends on your beach trips?
  • Have you ever been night-swimming?
  • Have you ever been fishing on the beach?
  • Have you ever been to a famous beach?
  • Have you ever been to nudist beaches?
  • Have you ever swum with big waves?
  • Have you ever seen a jellyfish at the beach? 
  • Have you ever been stung by a jellyfish?
  • Have you ever made sand castles?
  • Have you ever played beach volleyball?
  • Have you ever played beach soccer?

This is the final set of general beach conversation questions

  • What is something people do at the beach that you would like to try?
  • Is it safe to leave your money and phone on the beach when you swim?
  • What tips do you recommend your beach goers?
  • What do you think of private beaches? 
  • Are the beaches in your country clean? 
  • Would you like to own a house on the beach?
  • What do you think of topless sunbathing?
  • What is your opinion of nudism on the beach?
  • Should there always be lifeguards on the beach?
  • Why do small children like the beach so much?
  • What can we do about dirty or polluted beaches?
  • What’s the best time to go to the beach?

I think you have plenty of questions to ask and answers already

Shark Encounters?

Are you afraid of sharks?

Do you think about them when you are swimming?

I have never seen a shark in its habitat, I am sure I would crap my pant if I saw one:

My Answers to Question about the Beach

These are some of my answer to some of these beach conversation questions

  • I think the best time to go to the beach is around 3 PM because I don’t like to get burned
  • I think lifeguards should be in beaches that might be sort of dangerous
  • I think small children enjoy going to the beach so much because they don’t worry about anything
  • I have never been to a nudist beach

Now it your turn to have a conversation with your classmates

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