50 Future Continuous Tense Examples

Published on September 1, 2020 | Updated on March 30, 2024

We use the future continuous to refer to temporary actions and events that will be in progress at a particular time in the future

For example:

  • I will be flying to Hawaii
  • I will be working next Tuesday
  • I will be doing my homework
  • We will be watching anime

Continue reading so you can learn how to make sentences with the future continuous correctly

Future Continuous Tense: Structure

The future continuous tense is formed using the auxiliary verb “will” and the present participle (-ing form) of the main verb. In this post

This is the structure of the future continuous sentences:

SubjectWill / won’tBe Verb + ing
I will becooking
She will be exercising
We won’t be driving
They won’t be flying

Future Continuous Tense Examples: Affirmative

These are some affirmative sentences with the Future Continuous

  • I will be cooking tomorrow
  • I will be creating a website
  • I will be sending you the homework by email
  • I will be waiting for you at the airport at 8 pm.
  • I will be cooking dinner when you get home.
  • You will be renting a new apartment
  • You will be taking a test
  • He will be taking calls all day long
  • He will be calling me tomorrow morning
  • He will be working on his project until late tonight.
  • She will be throwing a party for us
  • She will be coming to the party
  • She will be studying for her exams all weekend.
  • They will be installing a new software
  • They will be cleaning the hacked site
  • They will be traveling to Europe next month.
  • We will be updating the software
  • We will be ordering pizza for the celebration
  • We will be watching the sunset from the beach.

Future Continuous Tense Examples: Negative

These are some negative sentences using the Future Continuous

  • I won’t be competing
  • I won’t be watching a movie tonight
  • She won’t be coming tonight
  • She won’t be traveling tomorrow
  • He won’t be buying dinner for us
  • He won’t be waiting for me at the airport
  • We won’t be studying
  • We won’t be listening to music
  • They won’t be watching us perform
  • They won’t be doing the laundry
  • You won’t be flying to Australia
  • You won’t be taking photographs during the wedding

Future Continuous Tense Examples: Questions

These are some example of questions with the present continuous

  • Will you be flying today?
  • Will you be playing with our team tomorrow?
  • Will she be preparing for the test?
  • Will she be calling her boss when she comes?
  • Will he be attending the wedding?
  • Will he be eating lunch with us?
  • Will we be graduating this year?
  • Will we be reading a new book today?
  • Will they be talking to each other?
  • Will they be sleeping when we comeback?

Future Continuous with Going to

You can use going to instead of will

  • I am going to be waiting for you
  • I am going to be watching a movie
  • I am going to be washing the dishes
  • I am going to be playing for a live audience
  • I am not going to be Flying to Australia
  • I am not going to be renting a house by the beach
  • I am not going to be playing tennis
  • I am not going to be running this marathon
  • Are you going to be cleaning the house when I come?
  • Are you going to be taking a class when I arrive?
  • Are you going to be dancing?
  • Are you going to be developing a new app?

Future Continuous: Questions and Answers

These are some questions and answers using the future continuous

  • Will you be waiting for me?
  • Sure, I will be here when you come back
  • Will you be playing games tonight?
  • Not sure, my phone isn’t working
  • Will you be flying to Hawaii?
  • I don’t think so, the tickets are very expensive
  • Will we be practicing Yoga every morning?
  • Yes, except on Tuesday
  • Will you be meditating tonight?
  • I don’t think so, I’ll probably read a book
  • Will you be coming home for the holidays?
  • Sorry but I have to work on Christmas
  • Will she be studying?
  • Yes, she has to take a Math test tomorrow
  • Will we be getting a raise this year?
  • If we meet out goals, we will

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