Demonstrative Pronouns: This, That, These and Those

Demonstrative Pronouns: This, That, These and Those

A demonstrative pronoun is a pronoun that is used to point to something specific within a sentence. These pronouns can indicate items in space or time, and they can be either singular or plural.

When do we use this and these?

We use this (singular) and these (plural) as pronouns to talk about people or things near us.

Positive Statements

  • This is a dictionary
  • This is my car
  • These are your new responsibilities
  • These are my christmas trees

Negative Statements

  • This isn’t a dictionary
  • This isn’t my car
  • These aren’t your new responsibilities
  • These aren’t my christmas trees

When do we use that and those?

We use that (singular) and those (plural)  to talk about things that are not near us.

Positive Statements

  • That’s a cat
  • That’s my christmas tree
  • Those are my friends
  • Those are my classroom items

Negative Statements

  • That isn’t a cat
  • That is not christmas tree
  • Those aren’t my friends
  • Those are not my classroom items

Questions: Demonstrative Pronouns 

This and These

  1. is this my cat?
  2. Is this my friend?
  3. Are these my shirts?
  4. Are these my shoes?

That and Those

  1. is that my cat?
  2. Is that my friend?
  3. Are those my shirts?
  4. Are those my shoes?

Online Exercises

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