Grammar Lessons: Dependent Prepositions

Dependent Prepositions

Some verbs are usually followed by prepositions before the object of the verb. Those prepositions are called Dependent Prepositions

Verbs + Preposition Examples

Verbs with For

  1. I apologize for being rude in front of the customers.
  2. I applied for a position in  Google but they haven’t called me yet.
  3. I am going to ask for a Coffee next we go to the cafeteria.
  4. I have to prepare for the game that we have tomorrow night
  5. Homeless people beg for money in the streets
  6. I don’t care for my enemies
  7. I am fighting for freedom
  8. I am gonna pay for your meals
  9. She is going to search for that information in Google
  10. We have to wait for the bus 
  11. I work for the Government

Verbs with To

  1. He admitted to the murders
  2. The purse belongs to the woman 
  3. Please, go to page 25
  4. I am going to talk to the manager
  5. She is about to listen to another podcast.
  6. I am traveling to Belgium, I love Tomorrowland
  7. I am going to introduce you to my friends from school
  8. Nobody responded to my complaint.

Verbs with About

  • She doesn’t care about her mom
  • You are gonna ask about it as soon as I get home
  • I forgot about the project
  • What Do you know about Mathematics?
  • They don’t know what you are talking about
  • I have to write about romanticism in my next report
  • Don’t worry about her

Verbs + With

  • I totally agree with you
  • Don’t argue with customers
  • Don’t interfere with the investigation 
  • I am gonna meet with you later
  • Let’s begin with your points of  view

Verbs + Of

  • The dish consist of apples and red wine
  • I am going to take care of you
  • This shampoo smells of bananas
  • Our dog died of old age.

Verb + In

  • She lives in Norway
  • I don’t believe in ghosts
  • He loves to engage in political debates
  • Steven succeeded in earning a scholarship.

Verbs + At

  • We arrived at the hotel in the morning
  • She is laughing at me 
  • Look at the whiteboard, please
  • My daughters always smile at me
  • That woman is staring at you

Verbs + On

  • The film is based on a novel.
  • If you make so much noise I can’t concentrate on my work.
  • Come on! We’re relying on you!
  • We don’t agree on anything but we’re good friends.
  • Do you plan on attending the concert tomorrow?
  • You can’t depend on him forever
  • I am focused on a new assignment
  • She is concentrated on her work

Verbs + From

  • Linda comes from Japan
  • The guards are going to protect you from criminals
  • She saved me from drowning
  • I suffer from anxiety
  • They have to escape from the Police