The 3 Stages of a Listening Lesson 

Stages of a Listening Lesson

Stages of a Listening Lesson

Pre-Listening Activities

Framework of a Listening Lesson

The pre-listening stage help our students to prepare for what they are going to hear, and this gives them a greater chance of success in any given task . Pre-Listening Tasks can:

  1. Help teachers find out about what students already know about the topic.
  2. Prepare students for the vocabulary and language structures in the text.
  3. Helps mitigate the anxiety which comes from listening in a foreign language, by providing a clear context.
  4. Offer opportunities for class discussion and more interaction among students.

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While-Listening Activities

During-Listening tasks are a series of activities that a learner does while listening to a passage in order to show their understanding of what was heard of.

Well-designed  activities can help students to:

  1. Identify what’s important in a passage.
  2. Perceive the text structure.
  3. Keep themselves concentrated throughout the passage.
  4. Show their understanding or non-understanding of the passage.

Most While-ilstening activities focus on these subskills:

  • Listening for the gist
  • Listening for specific information
  • Listening for the speaker’s attitude or opinion

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Post-Listening Activities

Post-Listening Activities consist of tasks which main aim is to help students reflect on the listening experience. these activities are carried out after teacher have carried out pre-listening and while listening activities successfully.

Some of the most common Post-Listening Activities are the following:

1. Check and Summarizing:  One of the activities that a teacher can do to check understanding is to ask student to summarize the information they heard, this can be done orally or in writing.

2. Discussions: You can ask students to have a short discussion about the topic, the topic for the discussion must be taken from the listening task that they previously did and should be interesting enough to inspire comments and debates.

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