50 Present Progressive Sentences: Guide and Examples

Published on February 20, 2022 | Updated on April 7, 2024

The present progressive is one of the most used tenses among the 12 tenses and that’s why it is important to learn it well.

We use the present continuous to talk about events which are in progress at the moment of speaking:

  • I am riding my bike
  • I am taking an online class
  • We are discussing the project
  • She is reading a book now

We use the present continuous to talk about temporary states which are true around the moment of speaking:

  • I am living with my mother
  • I am studying English
  • She is working for Walmart

We use the present continuous to describe actions which are repeated or regular, but which we believe to be temporary:

  • I am not eating much these days
  • She is working in Costa Rica at the moment
  • I am working from home during the pandemic

We use the present continuous to refer to the future when we talk about plans and arrangements that have already been made:

  • I am moving to Italy in July
  • They are building a new house next month
  • I am leaving tomorrow morning
  • We are buying a new car tomorrow

Verbs in the Present Continuous

The verbs in the present continuous suffer an small change, we add -ing to the root.

  • Play = Playing
  • Cook = Cooking
  • Send = Sending

In some case you have to remove the -e and add -ing

  • Dance = Dancing
  • Make = Making
  • Paste = Pasting
  • Take= Taking

In other instances, we have to add to double the last consonant

  • Begin = Beginning
  • Beg = Begging

Structure of the Present Progressive

The structure of the affirmative sentences is the following:

Subject Verb to be Verb + Ing
I amcooking
She is reading
He is driving
Weare exercising
You are working out

The structure for the negative sentences is similar

Subject Verb to be Verb + Ing
I am notcooking
She is notreading
He is notdriving
Weare notexercising
You are notworking out

Present Progressive Sentences: Affirmative

These are affirmative sentences with the present progressive or present continuous with all the pronouns in English

  • I am calling my mom
  • I am talking to the Mormon missionaries
  • You are working really hard
  • You are doing great
  • He is playing soccer with his brother
  • He is doing his homework
  • She is preparing her lunch
  • She is fixing her bike
  • We are promoting a product
  • We are having lunch
  • It is working fine
  • It is raining
  • They are playing ball
  • They are doing exercises

Present Progressive Sentences: Negative

These are negative sentences with the present progressive with each one of the pronouns in English

  • I am not doing anything wrong
  • I am not making lunch for you
  • He is not running every day
  • He is not watching Anime
  • She is not coming today
  • She is not leaving
  • We are not doing anything illegal
  • We are not playing video games
  • They are not playing call of duty
  • They are not calling the cops
  • It is not working
  • It is not raining

Present Progressive: Questions and Answers

These are some questions and answers using the present progressive

  • What are you doing?
  • I am doing Yoga
  • Where are you going?
  • I am going to the stadium
  • What is she studying?
  • She is studying math
  • Are you doing exercises?
  • No, I am not
  • Are we going to the beach?
  • Yes, we are
  • Is she coming back tomorrow?
  • I don’t think so, she is angry
  • What are you watching?
  • I am watching a soccer game

Present Progressive Conversation

This is a shot conversation that uses the Progressive:

JimHi Diane
DianeWhat are you doing?
JimI am doing Yoga
DianeI didn’t know you were into Yoga
JImI love it, where are you going?
DianeI am going to the drugstore
JimWhat’s matter?
DianeI am feeling a bit sick
JimI’ll call you later

Present Progressive Videos

This is a great YouTube video if you want to learn more about the present progressive

These are other great videos that could complement the information from the previous present continuous video

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