Past Experiences Examples

Bad experiences at work refer to negative or unpleasant situations, events, or conditions that employees may encounter in their workplace.

These experiences can vary widely and may impact individuals differently. Some common examples of bad experiences at work include:

Today we are going to learn more about past experiences in the workplace.

Past Experiences Exercise

Read the following past experiences and discuss in your groups if these are good or bad experiences at work.

  • I was working for a multinational company and they gave me a scholarship, I felt really happy. (1)
  • I started working in a call center and after three months I got promoted. I felt really good about that. (2)
  • I was working for a company in Alajuela and after a week or so I got fired. I felt devastated.(3)
  • When I was working for Pricesmart, I used to work on the weekends and I hate working in the weekends. (4)
  • When I was 18 years, I got my first job in Human Resources so I had the opportunity to learn a lot. (5)
  • After christmas, My friends from work and I used to go for a beer, I miss them a lot. (6)
  • I used to have lunch with my friends from work, we had a lot of fun. (7)
  • I was working as a waiter and one day I broke like 7 glasses. I was so embarrassed. I had to pay for them.(8)
  • I used to have a horrible job when I was living in Puntarenas, in 2018, I got an opportunity to work for the Banco de Costa Rica (9)
  • One day I was walking to work and I got robbed. I felt angry and sad (10)


My questions will be:

  • What do you think about #1?
  • Can you read one sentences using the past continuous?
  • Can you give me an example of an adjective?
  • Can you give me a sentence that uses the simple past?

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