60 Oraciones con Before en Inglés: Guía & Ejemplos

Hoy vamos a aprender sobre la palabra before y las oraciones que podemos hacer con esta.

La palabra before significa antes y tiene muchas funciones en una oración ya que Before puede usarse como:

  • Preposición
  • Adverbio
  • Conjunción.

Estos son algunos ejemplos de oraciones con before:

  1. Let’s brush your teeth before bedtime .
  2. Remember to finish your homework before you can play with your toys.
  3. We’ll have dinner together before watching your favorite cartoon.
  4. You need to wear your helmet before riding your bike.
  5. We’ll read a bedtime story before you go to sleep.

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Ejemplos de Oraciones con Before

Estas son algunas oraciones con before:

  • Night came on before he had finished it.
  • You knew before I did
  • Come home before six
  • Michael reads before bedtime
  • I went for a run before breakfast.
  • The others had got there before us.
  • Won’t you have another drink before you go?
  • I joined the police in 1999. Before that I was in the army.
  • I’ve never seen anything like this before.
  •  He took a look at the newspaper before going to bed.
  •  You should inspect the car well before you buy it.
  • He took a look at the newspaper before going to bed.
  • She makes him do his homework before dinner.
  •  I’ve never seen anything like this before.

Oraciones con Before: Preposición

Before puede ser una preposición en Inglés, y en este caso se traduce como “antes de” por lo tanto lo colocamos antes de un sustantivo, por ejemplo: He finished his homework before lunch.

Estas son algunas oraciones en las que before funciona como una preposición:

  • Before lunch
  • He arrived before me.
  • She became a lawyer as her father had before her.
  • The day before yesterday
  • I like to go for a run before breakfast.
  • The year before last he won a gold medal.
  • She’s lived there since before the war.
  • Leave your keys at reception before departure.
  • Something ought to have been done before now.
  • They knelt before the throne.
  • Before you is a list of the points we have to discuss.

Oraciones con Before: Adverbio

Estas son algunas oraciones en las que “before” funciona como un Adverbio en Inglés

  • You should have told me so before.
  • It had been fine the week before
  • That had happened long before 
  • I think we’ve met before
  • Do it before you forget.
  • I finished college the year before.
  • Did she leave a message before she went?
  • Before I made a decision, I thought carefully about it.
  • It was some time before I realized the truth.

Oraciones con Before: Conjunción

Estas son algunas oraciones en las que before funciona como conjunción en Inglés

  • Before you set the table, get the plates out.
  • Get the plates out before you set the table.
  • Before she left, she gave everyone a present.
  • She gave everyone a present before she left.
  • Wash the pumpkin before you start cooking it.
  • Before you start cooking, wash the pumpkin.
  • They will buy some peas before they come back home.
  • Before they come back home, they will buy some peas.

Verbos Después de Before

Podemos usar un verbo después de la palabra before, pero se le debe agregar la terminación -ing al verbo. Por ejemplo: Before entering the room, you must wash your hands.

Estas son algunas oraciones que cumplen la condición descrita:

  • Before going to France, you should read the guide book.
  • Before eating, you should make a prayer
  • Before starting the marathon, you must drink plenty of water
  • Before singing your first song, you should greet the audience.
  • Before arriving to the room, you must take off your shoes
  • Before going to bed, you gotta lock the door

Preguntas y Respuestas con Before

Estas son preguntas y respuestas con before

  • What are you gonna do before the game?
  • I am gonna rest a lit of bit
  • What are you going to do before going to France?
  • I am going to spend some time in Norway
  • What do you usually do before lunch?
  • I usually watch a couple of YouTube videos
  • What are you gonna do before leaving?
  • I will probably visit my old friends

Pronunciación de Before

Si tienes preguntas acerca de la pronunciación de before, este es un video que definitivamente tienes que ver.

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