30 Oraciones con Him: Guía y Ejemplos


Hoy vamos a aprender cómo hacer oraciones con la palabra him y evitar los errores que se asocian con otros pronombres.

Para tener claro este tema debemos recordar los pronombres o los subject pronouns en Inglés y que para cada subject pronoun tenemos un object pronoun.

You (Plural)You

El object pronoun de la palabra him es he.

¿Cuando Usar He or Him?

Ahora que tenemos eso claro, debemos ver ejemplos donde la palabra “he” es usado como un subject pronoun:

  • He likes to play soccer
  • He loves his children
  • He is a big fan of BoJack Horseman

Ahora veamos oraciones donde him esta siendo usando como object pronoun

  • He likes to play soccer with him
  • He loves him
  • He is a big fan of him

Ahora revisemos oraciones en Inglés con la palabra him

Oraciones con Him

Ahora analicemos el significado de la palabra him y en que oraciones ese object pronoun se usa con frecuencia.

Despues de un verbo

  1. I don’t understand him
  2. I didn’t really like him
  3. She didn’t call him
  4. She never calls him
  5. Tell him to watch Attack on Titan
  6. Make him pay for what he did
  7. They could not give him any help.
  8. I sent him a letter
  9. I saw him in the station
  10. She really loves him

Podemos usar la palabra him después de with

  1. I don’t want to play with him
  2. She never wanted to live with him
  3. I had to share my earnings with him
  4. We didn’t want to watch a movie with him
  5. I prefer not to argue with him
  6. Let’s go back to Houston with him
  7. I have a picture with him

Tambien podemos usar la palabra him que se asocia con ciertos verbos que usan la palabra to tales como:

  1. I don’t want to talk to him
  2. Please, listen to him

Tambien podemos usar la palabra him con la preposición about

  1. I don’t want to think about him all the time
  2. It is better if we don’t talk about him in our meetings
  3. Everything about him is mysterious
  4. Do you know anything about him?
  5. I don’t feel like learning more about him

Tambien podemos hacer oraciones con him y la preposición for

  1. I don’t wanna do anything for him
  2. I am doing this for him
  3. I bought a present for him

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